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Monday, February 27, 2012

Band...what band?

So my honeymoon phase is over...I am now hungry..damn!  I thought I could ride this out my whole 6 weeks until first fill.....no such luck.  I have been really watching what I eat because as you have all told me...here comes the will power because the band won't help you much right now.
I have been logging into myfitnesspal ---jennxaz not sure how to link any people to it
It makes me more accountable so that I can watch my calories...so easy to let those creep up.
I was watching dr. oz and how we all eat hidden calories that we don't think count but add up quickly.
A lick from the bowl of brownies or cookies we are making...the last crumbs at the end of chips or crackers...I did notice when I did my hcg diet how much I like to nibble.  So I am making a good effort here not to do it.
I had
1 shake in the morning
1/2 c up egg beaters with 1 tblspoon colby shredded
1 cup of mashed potatoes for lunch with a tblspoon of colby shredded
6 teaspoons of cottage cheese for dinner
1 shake in the evening
sf popcicle
2 sf jellos

Saturday pretty much same thing just instead of potatoes I had refried beans and instead of cottage cheese I had onion soup.

So I am looking forward to adding some real meat to my diet but grinding it all up does not sound appetizing for me so I am going to wait till this Thursday when I can add it in ---yeah...maybe it will keep me full longer.  I notice that if I don't eat every couple of hours my stomache starts making noises and seems to yell at me to eat...as soon as I eat a little something it shuts up.
I have been doing well at not drinking while eating and waiting about 30 min after I eat to drink so that is going  well.

I hate that my pants ride on my incisions...I kind of want to wear a mumu so that there is no rubbing on my incisions but that would not be attractive work attire and I really don't want to ..... can you imagine good lordy.

My post op appt with doc is tomorrow and I am going to beg for a fill in 2 more weeks rather than wait another 4 but I hear he is strict and that it will probably be futile but oh well...I have to TRY!
I am also a little concerned because most people say they don't feel their fills until the 3rd or 4th fill...YIKES  I am not sure my will power is that LONG LASTING.

Watched oscars last night we made kind of a night of it and printed off the categories and picked who we thought would win with the winner taking $40....I won...that was fun!  I did whoredevores for the hubby and johnny and I just had sf jello and sf popcicles.  I loved it when the girl from the help(name?) and the guy from the fockers(name?) introduced there little schtick was sooo funny.
Hope you all have a great monday!


Sarah G said...

Bandster Hell is where you're at now. All you can do is follow the band rules and exercise your will power. Hang in there it will get better, I promise!

Chris said...

You're doing great, even with the hard part! Just think how awesome that sweet spot will feel - and how your stomach will shut up and stop growling at you :)

Rachel said...

im rachinparis on mfp - add me!! hang in there through bandster hell!! xxx

Banded With Favor said...

I hear you....there is no preparing for bandster Hell...not even talking about it can prepare you it just shows up one day like a ravenous monster, everyone deals with it and feels it differently and BAM it arrives...It does get better but what a will power journey it takes you on...No fun at all, but short lived thank God!! Give it about 3 more days, as long as you deal with the "head hunger", you will get through it and your body will realize you are in control not your noisy tummy!!!

MandaPanda said...

You should feel a BIG difference once you're on real solid food...solid protein especially. The soft food stuff just isn't all that filling since the band works off volume. Hang in there..you're doing great!

JRD said...

I agree with Manda, as well as the other posters - you're in Bandster Hell, and you really just need to hang on. But what Manda said specifically is true, and can be applied throughout your journey with the band - solid protein makes a HUGE difference in hunger...I've been banded for almost 8 months and I needed to get that reminder about solid proteins from my fill nurse...hang in there lady!

Lisa said...

I feel ya girly!!! I am in it too :) LOL - But we CAN and we WILL do this!

With that said - get rid of the mashed potatoes. I would def eat more refried beans and add greek yogurt and a lil bit of cheese. Definitely soft but a lot more protein! Will "stick" with ya more. I ended up making chicken meatballs and ground them up with sauce and put them on top of ricotta with spices and that was divine. It was soft but it was heartier and kept me much fuller.

Glad you are feeling better tho!!

Laura Belle said...

'lick the brownie bowl'....Bahahaha!
I've never done that. ever.

I know i'm so late on reading this but hope things are getting better!! Just keep making the right choices!!