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Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm finally banded!

So here is my banded story.
I got a call the night before that they would like me to go in early by 1 hour ..I'm thinking great because I originally was suppose to go in at 12:30 AND couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight...really I am already on the liquid diet I know I am going to hungry.  So I get there at 9:30 and wait wait wait.  They bring me back.  There is this one lady who goes to my surgical center and we found out we were having our bands put in the same day an hour appart so we have been text...kinda cool.  I met her in the prep area and wished her good luck.  oh wait for the crazy Friday night fiasco.
My moms husband called her at 1;00 to say he dropped a sledge hammer on this leg and needed her to come take him urgent care...well they get to urgent care and the doctor said he didn't have the tools to soderize an artery so they took off the Mayo clinic...meanwhile mom thinks the amount of blood he was losing was too much.  They ended up carterizing the artery and stiching up the whole....yuck.
I pick johnny up from school and both eyes are red and pussy....pink eye!  I just about lost it. So I call his doctor and can't get in until 11:30am Thursday.  I told hottie hubbie just to drop me off at the surgical center and come back in the afternoon.  I would have liked to have had someone sitting there with me but o-well...
I did have my new friend so I shooted the shit with them for about an hour before they wheeled her in.  I ended up being wheeled in at my oringal time 12:30(seriously...they made me sit there for an hour more than needed)  I didn't care i was so damn excited like a kid in a candy store!
I woke up and was sicker than a dog and noticed that it was 3:00 wow didn't think surgery was going to last that long..maybe i took awhile to wake up.  Then came the waves of PAIN...wholly shit it hurt...I could feel the gas but couldn't burp.  That is when I realized that I really never burp I always swallow my burps not a good idea here...that hurt even more...then I threw up and couldn't stop and visions of ruining my band kept popping in my head...my puking really just turned into burps and dry heaves.  They gave me some anti-nausuous shot in my IV and that lasted a few hours.  I only slept for an hour at a time..so I am going to bed right after I post this!
I had broth and orange jello for dinner...the warm broth tasted wonderful because my throat was so sore and wraspy.  I started walking right away to help with the gas and it worked wonders.  I talked to another lady who was there getting the sleeve.  They were taking my vitals this morning and I noticed my heart rate was 43.. I didn't think that sounded right and neither did the male nurse so he checked my pulse the old fashion way with his fingers.  Turns out it really was on 43 but that worried my doc so he came in early and then he noted that I am usually 65 heart rate so he said it was nothing to worry about but he would keep an eye on it.  I asked for more pain meds--she gave me a double shot and I really started to feel better as the day went on today..  I have a little bit of pain getting up out of a chair but really I am surprised how GREAT I feel today.  I think walking does wonders for relieving the gas.
I lost 10 lbs during the preop diet so I was pretty excited about that.  I haven't been hungry at all today but I did have a bit of broth and a protein shake (that took me a long time to drink)  I was gulping my drinks adding more gas to my problem.  I really needed to take sips...once I did that it helped a lot.
So, I think that is about it.  After this week I can see how bandster hell is going to come in
here are my guidlines
1)liquid only (shakes, broth, decaf coffee/tea) one week only
2) blended thicker soups, and same items above..I can also have ground up turkey, chicken or tuna, egg beaters
3)all the above and then some lean protein cut up.
4.) back to eating but try to keep calories at 1200
So I can see some torture in the future
My doctor wants to see me in 2 weeks and then a fill in 6 weeks(6 weeks is like forever)
I can't believe I am finally on the otherside.....It seems like I started this so long ago..then again it seems like just yesterday
Overall it was a great experience and I enjoyed taking with the fellow banders that were there and the nurses were fabulous.
I guess I better do a few laps in the back yard before I get ready to go to bed....chow guys!


Jen said...

Yay! Congrats! You were on my mind today and yesterday so I'm glad to see a post from you! Take it easy and rest up as much as you can!! So excited for you!

RockBand Barbie said...

So happy to hear you are doing well!! I remember that first sip of broth I had felt so good to my throat too. Rest well and don't try to overdo it the next couple of days :)

LoriBang said...

Congrats on finally being a member of the "band"! Yes, take it easy this weekend! Sips, Sips, Sips! After a day of broth, cream of chicken soup tasted SO good! I even remember my first scrammbled egg with some cheese. Tasted wonderful, but I could only eat HALF of an egg! Good luck and check in soon!

Lisa said...

WOOO HOOO!!!!! I have been thinking of you non stop :) So happy to pop on and see a post and you are official!! Sorry you had a rough start but glad you are feeling so great now. You are doing better than I did! :) Time is going to fly. Today made two weeks so I am going into week 3 tomorrow and started mushies today. It was divine! You won't be that hungry for awhile since you are able to have protein shakes and more than I was. Should hopefully hold you over.

As far as the throat, keep it moistened with hot teas, ice chips for swelling and SF life savers were wonderful.

We will have to compare notes when you feel better. Sleep well and so so happy you are doing great!

mdlapband said...

glad to hear you're feeling good! thinking about you!

Andrea said...

Yay!!! So glad the surgery is over and you're doing well!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations. Welcome to the party! xx

Vanessa said...


Rachel said...

YAY!!! Welcome to banded life!!! xxx

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

WOOHOOOOOOO! Congrats honey. I hope you feel better and better every minute.