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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! I hate it when plans change.....

So I got a call from the hospital yesterday getting me ready for admittance on Thursday and they said to pack a bag?  what?  I said why I was told its out patient..."Umm... No Mrs. Thomas, your insurance approval is for inpatient only"  Seriously!  I was planning on being out late afternoon...now it won't be until probably late Friday afternoon...bummer....but also kind of nice.  Con: my co-pay on inpatient is $500 where out patient is $150.  I have to explain to Johnny why mommy is not going to be home that night.  If you remember when I went into the doctor for my EGD Johnny burst out in tears at school and that is just not like him because he was worried about me. Pro: I get some peace and quiet and taking care of before I hit home with the boys.  I am kind of an anal person(you will soon learn this about me if you haven't already) I kind of think that is what makes me a good software engineer...but I digress.   I had planned on a few things on Friday because I thought hottie hubby and I would be home on Friday so I scheduled the pest guy, our dogs yearly comprehensive exam, and landscape guy to come out.  Also there is the matter of dropping johnny off at school and picking him up.  Cooking dinner/breakfast..packing lunch...you know EVERYTHING.  but I gues its time for them to pull their big boy britches up and fend for themselves....I will warn his teacher at school just to make sure.
Now I have to regroup on what I am going to bring to the hospital...I had only planned for an afternoon I had not researched what to bring overnight....oh the anxiety is building already...and I probably will be released same time Johnny gets out of school...I better sign him up for aftercare just in case I need my mom to pick him up....love her to death...not sure what I would do without her!
So here is my list tell me what else I should bring
  • Face wipes(to clean my face)
  • jolly ranchers (for dry mouth)
  • chapstick
  • comfy pants/sweatshirt...should I bring another pair besides what I will be wearing in..I assume I will have the gown on the whole time
  • my nook
  • nook charger
  • phone
  • phone charger
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • pony tail
  • hairbrush/comb
  • slippers
Can you think of something  I should bring??????
Love you ladies and all your support


MandaPanda said...

That's odd that they're keeping you overnight. A lot of this is just getting more money out of the insurance. Hubby was considered "in patient" as well but still went home the same day so I'm afraid I'm not much help in the packing department. You'll be the gown the whole time so I doubt you'll need another set of clothes.

Lap Band Gal said...

I stayed overnight for my surgery and it was the best thing I could have done. Enjoy the time to recoup and get lovely IV meds :)

PS: Pack anti-bacterial hand gel. Make everyone and anyone who comes near you in the hospital use it first.

Elizabeth said...

I wish I could have stayed overnight!!!!

Amy said...

I'm in Phoenix :) Glad to have found you! So excited for you this week! I would add Biotene Mouth Spray to your list. It is in the toothpaste section. Someone told me to get it pre-surgery and I was glad I did. It was $4-5, but worth it. My mouth was so dry after surgery and I didn't feel like drinking anything, that stuff saved my life! From the time of the first cut to the time I was sitting in own bed = 3 hours! It has been an amazing journey. Contact me anytime, I'm an open book :) Amy

Amy said...


Lisa said...

I stayed overnight as well. DON'T be upset at this... it was the best thing ever. I had continuous drugs, leg massagers and rest. Your list looks good. Honestly, I brought my Ipad and never used it. I was in pain. My phone was good if I wanted to use the internet to update people but I wasn't reading or playing around. It's a serious surgery and be thankful you have extra eyes watching you. By the following week you will feel like a million bux!!! I am SO excited for you!!!!!!

Jen said...

I did not have to stay overnight but I kind of wish I had. It would have been nice to have them taking care of me the first night!
I can't wait to get your first "after the band" post!!

Andrea said...

I know it wasn't what you planned but it's really a good thing to be able to stay overnight. You can really rest and get the good pain meds. Especially with your personality and the boys you will need a night to really rest.

Joey said...

I wanted out patient too but was sooooo glad that I stayed the night. You'll do great!!!

mdlapband said...

is it already time?!! OMG! I've been out of the loop this week. Sending lots of prayers your way.

Lisa said...

I am thinking of you!!!!! Sending you thoughts of EASY, Fast, No Pain, No Gas recovery!!! You are heavily on my mind and I want you to know in a few days, you will feel awesome :) XOXOX