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Friday, July 20, 2012

WHAT TOO FAT TO RUN? That is what Doctor told me~!

So I got my fill.....2.8cc WTH it is less than what they primed my band with during port surgery...guess I will be needing more of those.  I was hungry as hell last night...ate way more than 1200 calories and that is nuts!  Let me preface this with I switched docs last fill and this new one I am taking a bit to warm up to.  Mind you he has the band himself and has lost over 100 lbs...he has had the band for 5 years.
He told me I was exercising for too long of time I should do 30 minutes everyday not hour long sessions 5 days a week.  I don't like doing that.  I feel like it takes about 30 minutes just to get warmed up.  Then he tells me I should not run because I have too much weight still---WTH I ran a 1/2 marathon at this weight in 2005.----then he says well you said your feet hurt--thats cause you are pounding the floor running with too much weight...shoes won't last you but a couple months with that----WTH WTH WTH
That was demotivating
I have really enjoyed getting to the gym 5 days a week for 1 - 1 1/2 hours a day...but my feet do hurt.
He also told me to stick to the eliptical or bike.  Ok I like the bike...I hate the eliptical..just don't enjoy doing it.

I guess I should try it his way before I toss in the towel right away, but its hard because its not what I want to do.

I leave for vacay on Sunday...plan on getting a couple more days in the gym before I go.  I am not going to weigh myself until I get back--that will be interesting.  We will see how I feel about exercise when I get back from vacay.  This is my last post peeps until I get back from vacay----I will miss you all terribly!


Brenda said...

Sometimes, doctors bedside manners leave a lot to be desired.

I say, if you want to run...then run.

Prove him wrong.

Steph said...

You read my other blog so you know how much faith I have in some doctors who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Do what makes you feel good, Ok? Doctor's don't know everything!

vickyd said...

...what Brenda said...

My suggestion is to listen to your body and do what feels right...you certainly know your body better than he does.

Ronnie said...

Why sacrifice your fitness for your doctor's peace of mind? Do what you wanna do, lady!

adorkbl said...

30 minutes a day? That is fine when starting out... but I agree... that is a warm-up when you are working out regularly.

If your feet hurt, you probably need to make adjustment. Insoles, lower impact when not running, but cutting out that much exercise seems kinda wacko. Never heard of a Dr saying wok out less! Haha!

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

He's right about your feet hurting and I think an hour a day for 5 days straight could cause anyone at any weight stress fractures in your feet. That being said, I also am probably still too heavy to run according to his standards and I would and will do it anyway. I need the calorie burn!

Let me also tell you that I trained with a professional runner - and he stressed the importance of 2 days off days in a running week. Those are usually rest days just before a long run (60-70 mins). A typical week would go like this: Sun: 30 mins easy run, Mon: rest, Tues: intervals (run fast as you can at a track for a 1/4 mi 6 times) Wed: Recover from intervals and do a 35 min run, Thu: 3 mi run (however long it takes you), Fri: Rest, Sat: Long Run 60 mins (however far that takes you)

So my point is, rest days are important for your muscles to recover. And in the times above, a warm up walk or cool down doesn't count in those times. But I'm stronger and able to go faster, farther, when I take the rest days and that's something I NEVER would have done before.

Hope this makes sense. And I'm happy to share anything about the program I'm following. :)

Sarah said...

How do I put this nicely? Your doctor's a frickin' nut case...

Anyone who tells you you CAN'T do something because of your weight is an idiot. Unless it is threatening your health, there is NO reason not to! Are your lungs misfunctioning? Is your heart in jeopardy? Are you having seizures? No, no, and no? Then run. Run the way you KNOW you can. You know when you're tired and when you've had enough. And who the hell cares that your shoes won't last as long? I go through running/walking shoes every three months, but that isn't going to keep me from doing it...

I'm coming from a 297 lb stand point. I run. I bike. I walk. I kickbox. I push myself constantly. My doctor said this: Stationary people die from heart disease. If you CAN do it, DO IT! Listen to your body, know your stress point, and run, bike, whatever- as long and as hard as you want to. I ran at 340; I will run at 140. He says my heart & lungs are good, so why not?

Sorry for the rant, but you deserve good health and a supporter---and he doesnt strike me as the type.

Hugs, girlfriend!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I ran a half marathon at over 200lbs. I ran a 10 miler at over 200lbs. That dr can shut it! Unless it's really bothering you, no. And I don't think there is any reason why you should exercise less over the week instead of doing it every day. That's crazy! If it's working for you then you should keep it up. Good luck!

Andrea said...

Wow, that's crazy! I say if you can run and feel good doing it you should