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Monday, July 9, 2012

Total Unfill

So I had a crazy weekend.  I got a fill on Tuesday and looking bad I should have gotten a fill half the size of last time but I didn't I got just slightly less than last time 0.40cc from 0.50cc  Then I was on liquids and mushies for two days then on Friday I was able to eat.  I went to my moms and had bbq ribs(they were too dry) and potatoe salad.  I had just a tablespoon of salad and a couple bites of pork...got stuck.  Then for desert I had made peach cobbler...should have said no but I had a tablespoon...got stuck.  So I figured Saturday I would go back to liquids because in the past after getting stuck I am a little swollen and a day of liquids gets me back to feeling normal...not the case this time.  On Saturday I started to tighten as the day grew.  By 5 o'clock I could not keep water down...mind you by this time I had dropped 10lbs since Tuesday I was nervous I was going to be dehydrated if not already...I didn't want to go to ER but I wasn't sure what to do and I didn't think I could make it until monday to get an unfill.
So I belong to this Facebook group of lapbanders for my clinic and I posted and asked them...they gave me an afterhours number and told me to run it by our doc and see what he says...so I call him, he says to get into the office asap and he will unfill me he didn't want me to hurt the band or dehydrate myself so I go in and he takes out ALL my liquid.  I am in tears now because I for some reason blame myself.  Looking back I am not sure I could have done anything differently except I should not have eaten dry pork and potatoes being as tight as I am.  Ughhh
So I have to wait 2 weeks before I start fills again....back to the drawing board...On top of that hubbies work screwed up paychecks and we still have not gotten paid..should have been paid Friday then they said they would have it Saturday or the latest Monday...neither happened...I guess I am glad I don't live on the east coast because hubbies boss was still out of power on Friday and then she woke up to no check as well.
Not sure when they will get him his paycheck so I had to withdraw it from savings which I hate doing because it never makes its way back there.

We entered an auction bid for a golf cart on a government site and won!  Its an old golf cart but hubby is going to fix it up.  Our community up here is the kind where a lot of people drive golf carts around and with hubby now working full time from home I would like to cut back on gas and use the golf cart more.  So I am pretty excited to see it...we pick it up Wednesday


MandaPanda said...

Ugh! I am so sorry to hear about the fill/unfill drama after everything you've already been through! There's nothing you could've done differently. If you're too tight, you're too tight. It happens. Taking all the fill out may have been an overreaction though. He probably could've brought you back to your previous fill level and you would've been fine. 2 weeks isn't so bad though. Double sucks about the paycheck. That happened to Hubby about a month ago and caused a wee bit of stress in our house. Hang in there sweetie!

Chris said...

Hoo boy, what a week! At least you did the right thing and called when even water wasn't staying down. Take it easy, and I really hope hubby's paycheck gets fixed ASAP! That's stress on top of stress, which probably isn't helping :(

Deep breaths - you can do this!!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Oh Jenn, I am sorry you had trouble over the weekend. Your doc is awesome to come in to help you out, though. Please don't feel responsible. I think this stuff is part of the learning process and happens to the best of us. Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. In a few weeks you will be back on track. Paycheck...just plain sucks. I will be thinking about you!

RockBand Barbie said...

That's pretty neat that your doctor's office has a fb page and you were able to contact them that way. I'm glad they had you come in for an unfill.

The paycheck drama sucks. I went through that when I left my last job...they didn't pay me a last paycheck and then they "forgot" to pay me my summer pay. Hope they get it worked out soon for y'all!

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

Don't let the unfill get you down. With swelling and such, it will probably feel like you've got something in there. Even if not, you did the right thing by getting the fill out of there even if just to give your poor stomach a rest. You need to protect yourself from any issues like that as soon as possible, and you did that! And regardless, you're going to get started again in 2 weeks! You've done great thus far, you'll continue to do great!
I remember SO clearly what it felt like at 219. I can't wait to read about you getting down in the low 210's and then into the next 10lb range. Its so very exciting! And you see such a huge difference - at least for me - in that range you're in right now. As you lose, your size really changes. Just wait until you get below 200! YOU're going to do it!

Azmomo2 said...

Oh that sucks and you had just resolved those issues with the flipped port. Hope things work out for ya!

Amy said...

don't blame yourself...just be glad that there wasn't a bigger issue and that an unfill did the trick. I don't do well with pork as a general rule. I have to eat it so slowly that I'd rather not eat it at all. LMAO.

Ronnie said...

I'm sorry you got a case of the tights... but I'm glad you didn't just suffer in silence - your doc is right your band should rest. Don't want anything bad like slippage or erosion to happen. :(

And also, I love that you won a golf cart. If I didn't live in BFE Texas, I'd totally be driving one of those bad boys.

Ronnie said...
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