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Monday, July 16, 2012

fatty made yeast rolls this weekend....yea, you heard right?

I have the Monday blahs!  I am going to fess up that this weekend was not a good choice weekend.  I think it started Friday....I did not work out.  I have no fill and I have been HUNGRY so I have eaten more towards 1500-1800 calories...ughh and I gained 6lbs  Pretty much in two days.  I did work out Sunday but the bad weigh affected the rest of the weekend.  Today I am trying to get back in control in hopes of salvaging something.  I am going to hit the gym each day until my fill on Thursday.  My guess is he is only going to give me a little and I won't have much restriction which I can live with because I already have my next fill for Monday after I get back from vacay...which I leave for this Sunday.
I am a little disappointed because the family I am going to see pretty much is not going to notice much of a difference in weight and they know I got the lapband so I am already imagining what they will say...god I hate my internal voice..its so negative.
We cleaned out the garage to make room for the golf cart which didn't take long because the garage was pretty organized already just needed to move some stuff around.

I got my small travel size stuff and I can't remember if I can take a disposable razor with me or if that is considered a weapon? hmmm need to look that up.

I got the cousins some little Arizona trinkets(scorpion paperweight and Arizona flashlight key chains---the boys should like that)

Today after work is my yearly mammogram...I hate getting old

Its so weird to going back to eating more food.  I now HAVE to eat breakfast---brought back the oatmeal, and lunch and god help me at dinner so I don't inhale the whole pantry.

My pastor had a sermon on his grandmothers yeast rolls and how it relates to god...I then went home and made yeast rolls...the house smelled divine(lol) and I proceeded to eat 2 rolls---shoot me now.


vickyd said...

You can travel with a disposable razor...I do it all the time. Also, yeast rolls (or bread of any kind) are EVIL!!

MandaPanda said...


Second...it's one choice at a time. Those rolls look amazing! You had 2...you've had your taste...now it's time for good choices until fill time. You can do this. You did not gain 6 lbs in 2 days. You're retaining water (everyone is in this heat). I seriously doubt you took in 21000 extra calories in that time. You didn't work out Friday...it's OK. Neither did I. Working out every day is a tall order especially for a busy mom. You can do this. One choice at a time. Good luck this week!

Lap Band Gal said...

I would have eaten TWO as well. YUM.

It's awesome that you've refocused and realized where you are at. Now take that focus and move forward with healthy food choices.

You can do it! :)

RockBand Barbie said...

Those rolls look amazing!!! Don't beat yourself up...just own it and get back on track :-)

Sarah said...

We are making bread at school this week and guess who is doing all the actual baking. I swear I could just inhale them all. Well done for limiting it to 2.

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Manda Panda is so right! You are beating yourself up way too much. Just get back after it! You are doing just fine!

and yeast rolls are crack and should be illegal

Elizabeth said...

I had a cc removed about a few weeks ago and have been super hungry.... fortunately, I still can't eat bread without getting stuck but the thought of the smell of fresh baked bread literally made my mouth water!

Kelli said...

I am right there with Elizabeth and can't eat bread, especially soft goowey stuff like those rolls. Oh but they look heavenly and I can almost smell em!! Be kind to yourself and don't worry about what your family will be thinking.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

We can't be perfect all the time, but we can get back on track...all of us need to every now and then. You'll be back and doing great - and don't worry about what other people are looking for with the weight loss (though I do the same thing) and just remember how you're doing it for you.

Ronnie said...

Boo, hiss! Yeast rolls are the devil. Tasty, tasty devils. lol

Don't beat yourself up. You're completely unfilled, no one can really control themselves before they have restriction. :)