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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Only Five and he loves the ladies!

So exercising last night I decided to throw the bike in...only lasted about 10 min for a couple of reasons.  The bikes look out over the diving pool and I was watching Johnny dive.  On one dive he didn't swim over to the side when he was done but he instead swam across the pool.  At first I thought --oh no, he is disoriented and going to tire out--I hope he makes it---I leaned closer to the window and then I see it....there is a girl by the side at the other end....and....he starts talking to her.  WHAT he swam all that way just to talk to a girl....oh no...I am in for it, he is only 5!!!!!!!

I then moved on to the treadmill and walked and ran for another 30minutes.  So I only got in 40 minutes because my hubby and Johnny got tired and wanted to go home.  But 40 min is 40 min of good quality gym exercise and sweat!

Today is my fill so I am pretty excited.  I had my annual at the doctors office yesterday and she asked how everything was and then said she hopes to see me skinny next year!  Wow that would be cool.
I stopped off at Desert Ridge to try Mr Smoothie Gladiator that my friend told me about....I was not impressed, it was $5.50 for a small (20oz) and it had 45grams of protein and 400calories..too many calories for my liking.

Our community is shooting off some fireworks and hubby bought a bunch so we will light some off before the community does...if...it...is...not...raining.  And it looks pretty dark right now.  I am looking forward to a few sparklers...love writing my name.


Jules said...

good luck today! Will be thinking about you! :) You did pretty good with the exercise yesterday, it all pays off!

tz said...

so my now 13 year old started out much like your 5 year old and all I can say is....I'm sorry :D and monitor his cell phone closely when it gets to that point :D

Jen said...

Love it!! you've got yourself a little casanova on your hands!! Good luck with the fill!

Amy said...

One of my favorite places in AZ is the giant fireplace at Desert Ridge (in the winter, obviously). Ohh...winter..where did it go?

Laura Belle said...

HAHAHA! That cracks me up about your little guy! Too cute!

Way to go on the exercise, keep it up!