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Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1.  I am meeting up with 2 fellow AZ banders this weekend for lunch...lol!  Maybe we will all share one meal-bahhahhahah
2.  I dropped those two lbs I had gained from yesterday.
3.  I am going back to Minot ND to visit relatives next month and I can't wait!!! My uncle has a place on a lake and my cousins and I all conglomerate there for a week in the summer so that our kids can all play and we can visit...the kids have a blast!
4.  I just love having hubby home more..I had missed him.
5.  I would like to do a long weekend in CA go to beach maybe hit an amusement park or two but not sure I can swing it...may have to do it on the cheap.  My friend Jay and his daughter want to go so we were thinking of splitting the cost.
6.  Madagascar 3 comes out this Friday....and I secretly can't wait to see it....yes I am an adult!
7.  I got a zit on my nose.....and all I can think of is MOLE...do you remember that movie?
8.  MandaPanda gave me an exercise reminder yesterday and it actually motivated me to get off my butt and go exercise...guess what no poop episodes for anyone...sadly didn't evoke one from me either...and I put a lot of benefiber on my food yesterday......there may be an explosion in AZ later today..just saying..
9.  I need to stop by this olive oil store by my house and get olive oil and balsamic vinegar...they make it themselves and there is like over 30 flavors of each...they are so YUMMY and make great salad dressings and cooking.  Right now I have Coconut Balsamic Vinegar and Parisian Lime olive oil....its so yummy not sure what I will get this time.
10.  There are some downer blogs right now...its sad that so many people are frustrated


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Glad you dropped those 2 lbs...just think what it will be when you poop!! ;)

MandaPanda said...

There is a lot of frustration around the blogosphere right now. Makes me a sad panda. I can't wait to meet you on Saturday!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Oooh Madagascar 3?! Now I know what I'm doing with my kids this weekend!! Have fun with your friends

Amy said...

have fun this weekend! maybe someday we can have a group meetup in Phoenix. I'd love to meet some of you gals!

Sara said...

I love kid movies... and have no kids to take to them :-( Luckily my sisters are equally cool with kid movies, so we end up in a group together!

Sarah said...

Hope you got to see the movie tonight ! I loved it, as did kiddo and husband! :)