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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Love this Laura Belle and Draz for keeping this going.
So my lovely friend MandaPanda texted me to workout yesterday and it just happens that she texted me as I was headed out to exercise.  YAY! Score for motivation(I knew she would text me any minute) My little boy was home sick from camp but was feeling better so he asked if he could ride his bike while I walked.  I said sure..then as you know it we get far far from home on a trail he has to poop.....yes poop....I beg him to hold it until we get home but he can't so I cringe and let him squat in the brush..praying no snakes.  He has the runs...seriously I should have left him at home...why sweet Mary and Jesus did I not leave him at home.  I help him get his pants back up and in the process get poop on my hands and feet..sweet lord...we head straight home to cleanup.  Longest walk home EVER.  I took our water and washed my hands and then I had to carry the bike because he was walking with a red wood tree up his butt...literally looked like an old man on a horse.
Learned my lesson...don't take sick kid(who says he is better) with you when you exercise.
I did however get a pretty good workout, we were halfway done when the episode happened and then I carried a bike home ===ummm weight lifting.  I was winded when we got home.
So I get on the scale today...WTF I am up 2 lbs SERIOUSLY I about threw the scale at the wall.  How can I eat so little and gain today?  I did have turkey meatballs(4 of them) and marinara yesterday for dinner so maybe there was too much sodium in it....I also did not have a bowl for a few days(oops sorry tmi).  I am blaming that anyway because my food is not that bad...you know though if I truly reflect...I am not getting enough water in....I am getting in about 48oz and I should be probably doubling that.  My protein count is great, yesterday 87g.  So I am going to aim for water today.


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

OMG!!! the poop story is priceless. one day you will be able to laugh about it. One day. Don't let that little gain derail you...you will poop it out! More poop!

Sarah said...

The one helpful thing my dietician said this morning was that the scale can't add up properly and the numbers go on a general trend but cannot be relied upon on a daily basis. Continue doing the right things and the trend will see you right.

Jen said...

Seriously laughed out loud with the poop story. I'm sorry mama, that blows! (literally!) I hate the scale these days too.. it really could be b/c you are eating so little and not enough.. annoying as hell, but those 2 lbs will go back down again quickly.
So excited to meet you on Saturday!

Sarah said...

I couldn't help but giggle about the pooop! Been there; done that! :) Thanks for the smile!


Amy said...

aye. what a mess!! My goal is 64 oz a day, which I can do....however, the rumor is that one should consume half of their body weight in water daily. So....212/2 - 106 oz. MOTHER OF PEARL. Plus we live in the frickin desert, so even more....holy moly. I lose much easier when I drink more water, that I know for sure. But 106 oz. Again, I say, MOTHER OF PEARL!

Sara said...

I am a very sucky water drinker. I do not enjoy it. I like flavor in my water, and I'm not allowed to have flavored water in the classroom. :-( I'm lucky if I get 50 - 60 ounces in.

MandaPanda said...

Eeeeewwwwww!!! The poop story got me. Been there, done that.

The texting thing is working! First time I've worked out two days in a row in MONTHS!

Don't stress too much about the scale. It'll catch up.