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Friday, June 22, 2012

anyone see a fitbit?

Yes, I lost my fitbit.  Went home last night to sync up my fitbit...and it was not attached to my bra---what the what?  I looked everywhere (bathroom) and couldn't find it.  I mean I take it off and put it right back on after my shower every morning...where could it have gone...I am still leaning towards Johnny finding it and putting it somewhere.  I tore apart bedroom last night and my car(in case it fell off) and NOTHING.
I was so depressed....then hubby emailed them and told them my sob story and they are mailing me off another one free of charge...now that is customer support...I suppose it would be bad to say---please rush it!!!!!!!!
Took dog in for comprehensive because I pay for this stupid plan thru banfield that includes vaccines and checkups but really its just a used car sales pitch because once they get you in there they try to add on a bunch of stuff.  Comprehensive checkup is included in plan so it shouldn't cost right---wrong...hubby had to drop off noodle(dogs name...stop laughing I didn't name him) because I had to go into work.  He calls me and asks me to talk to them because they just told him it would be $276.  I call them and tell them...no add ons...no I don't want noodle to have a benedryl  before they give him the shots, no I do not want them to give him local before they give him shots....it should not take two people to restrain my shitzu...really you have to express his anal glands before you can check his rectum..(I feel bad and concede to this one)....ok now its $20.71....livable so I take it...but see nothing is for free.  They also wanted to sell me special food to help his teeth, they noticed they were a little yellow, I asked if they are in going to need to be removed-no, are they hurting him-no, ...um no, he is a  dog, he only eats hard food, he does not need anything special food wise.
Hoping for a good weekend on eating and exercise...no special parties but we do have date night tonight so hopefully no extra food just extra exercise!


MandaPanda said...

I know LOTS of people who buy all that stuff for their pets. Honestly, more often than not, it's people without kids so they've got all kinds of money. My kids used to run off with my stuff all the time and still do that to my shoes. Every morning, I'm hunting for my shoes. Ugh.

Amy said...

wow!! a new fitbit for free? awesome! Hubs gets big high five for that :)

Jen said...

We do the Banfield thing too and you are totally right! They milk you for EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for the reminder though, I need to take the girls in for their comprehensive exams before we go out out town!!
That's awesome about getting a new FitBit! Sucks that you have to wait though but FREE new one is great!!!

Banded With Favor said...

Date night!!!! Love Date Night....no Wendy's chili tonight!!! But it still sounds good!!:)

Beth said...

I had accidentally broken my fitbit and I was heartbroken. My boyfriend had purchased it for me and he emailed them and explained what happened and they replaced it for free! A great company, I highly recommend!