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Monday, June 11, 2012

trying to update blog....

So I know my blog is boring....got a quick tip from my lap band girl meetup this weekend to try cute blogs (http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/) website to help me but I am a little bit challenged on getting this to work like I want it.!

I had a great time meeting up with two other bandsters for lunch at Pita Jungle(had yummy ahi tuni)  MandaPanda and Jen

I did not workout or do any long walks this weekend...thats crap..I should have..but I got a new book...50 shades of grey..oh lordy..that book is addicting.

We went to a pool party yesterday and I did feel weird.  We all sat down to eat at a big table(it was steak,potatoes and salad) I really do not eat much so they had huge plates and everyones plate was full but mine and hubbies.  I had a few bites but the steak was a little to dry and did not go down friendly...I did catch quite a few looks from people and am pretty sure they probably talked about it after I left...hubby did finish my plate.  For desert it was frozen yogurt and cake.  I only had 2 bites of cake...it also is rough for me to eat unless real moist.  Hubby even said to me "Are you getting enough nutrients?"  I told him I take my daily vitamin and I may not look like I am eating much but I am averaging about 1000 calories a day..its just a far cry from what I was eating..ughh...I did drop a lb this weekend yay!!!!! but its not like the weight is flying off.  I think I was only 3lbs last week and the week prior to that was 1lb..so I think I am ok? but boy...people can make you doubt yourself!


Jen said...

Loved meeting you!
You can come to a pool party at my house anytime and you will feel right at home! I tried to eat some steak last night and it was a no-go as well!

Momee3021 said...

That's so awesome that you have Lap band buddies nearby and such amazing ones too.

I can't do steak or potatoes either and I was actually wondering if I was getting enough nutrition lately since my hair seems to be falling out...???

Like the new modern blog look!


Sarah said...

I love Cutest Blog on the Block! Cute page!

And you MUST let me know if you like 50 Shades of Grey... I'm thinking NOT to get sucked in, but about 303493 people have told me to pick it up. Let me know! :)


Rachel said...

I always get weird looks from friends when I order mini tapas or appetizer sized meals... and then my man finishes them off... oh well. I LOVE 50 SHADES! I am on the third book right now!! xxx

MandaPanda said...

Enough nutrients...from cake? Does cake have nutrients because if so, I'm totally going to eat more cake! LOL. The trouble is...we finally eat the way people SHOULD eat. Portion sizes in this country have gotten out of control so no one know what a normal plate SHOULD look like. :)