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Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrations with Food.....

Give me a holiday and I will show you a family that celebrates with food.  Really?  Yesterday we went out for breakfast(I did pretty good 1/2 egg and 1/2 wheat toast with coffee...not hungry much in the am)  Lunch we did a pizza place...that was a little hard..I did a salad with italian dressing and a corner piece of pizza(no problems going down.)  Dinner........wait for it......was a cinnamon toast, havarti grilled cheese with apples...ate the whole thing...no problem.  Well I am not as restricted as I used to be.  I remember at the beginning eating a 1/2cup a food in the evening was difficult...not anymore.  I am going to have to watch how long food is keeping me full because I may need a fill.  I was surprised how much I could eat this weekend.
I gave my doctor my new insurance so I am still waiting on hearing if it covers my fills or not..may need to call today and find out.
My little boy took the swimming test so he was allowed to use the diving boards...he went straight for the high dive...good thing I wasn't with or I wouldn't have let him go....dad did.

 Mind you, we can't help or even be in the water, he must swim to the side after he jumps and pull himself out all by himself....he did this multiple times until he was ready to pass out.  Then...dad let him try the rock climbing wall...geesh..he made it up 1/2 way...again I would have been scared.  Guess there is a good thing boys have dads to let them do things moms would be too scared to let them do...unless they get hurt..then I change my statement to I TOLD YOU SO!

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MandaPanda said...

Ha! Yes...That's why God invented dads. Otherwise, poor kids wouldn't be able to do anything. Something I've learned about my band (and I think this is true for most). Your band will not stop you from eating. Eat slow enough and carefully enough and you can eat anything. We need to learn the difference between FULL and SATISFIED. That being said...measure your 1 - 1 1/2 c of food and see how long before you're hungry enough to eat again. If it's more than 3 hours, you don't need a fill. Good luck!