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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I feel so pretty.....

I have been doing so well since the second day after my fill...no pb and then what...I ate a bunch of almonds too fast and  pb.  What a ding dong.  I did watch my food and it is keeping me full for 3 hours but I did notice that my grazing was a little crazy, so I am going to try to limit my snacks and make more of a meal out of it at meal time.  So got on the scale and was down that is nice.  I am not down as much as I would like to be today..but a loss is a loss.
I splurged this weekend...bought new bra and panties...and the panties...they are not cotton granny panties that I was used to wearing (and were saggy in the butt) I got some nice onces from Kohls that are comfy and cute...haven't bought cute panties in awhile....I feel so put together today...its crazy how appropriate fitting unders make you feel fabulous..at least they do for me!
My little boy has swimmers ear...woke up numerous times last night crying in pain.  Gave him motrin and tylenol and made it thru the night...he seems a little better today.  We will see how it goes today...hoping it dries up..lectured hubby that son must wear earplugs when he swims because he is prone to this..which is why he had to have tubes put in (twice) when he was younger..he poor little ears would not drain.
So this one lapbander at my clinic swears by the gladiator protein powder from smoothie king...I finally looked them up and may head over there this weekend to try it...more protein(45g per serving) for the calories than what I am using.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday


Jen said...

Aw poor guy.. swimmers ear hurts!!

you are killing the weight loss girl!! I'm so happy for you (and a tad bit jealous too since I'm stuck!)

Way to go!!

Rachel said...

Almonds get me. I can have two to three if I chew them to a pulp. Otherwise nuts are a no go.

Sarah said...

Yay for new underroos!!!!