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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Thanks to the lovely Laura Belle..I have a blog today!

1.) Still haven't done my taxes...yee gawds!
2.) Hubby decided to go off his meds and is driving me bonkers....
3.) Got some flowers for my pots yesterday...I just love flowers...they brighten my mood.
4.) I ate too much yesterday...so shovelling food at my emotions.
5.) Work is picking up so I have more to keep me busy.
6.) I picked up following some new bandsters...I love the excitement they have..it reminds me of where I once was!
7.) I need to pack some eggs to hide for Johnny...trying not to buy much candy so I may use dollar bills...is that bad?
8.) What is with the smell of the candy aisle at a store....it literally calls to me as I walk in a near proximity of it.
9.) I miss MandaPanda..blogging...and a few others...its like I don't know what they are doing and I really do miss them.
10.) I am in 762nd place in the Yahoo bracket ....which I am surprised I am doing so well!


Cheri said...

I love seeing everyone snazz up their yards in the Spring, too. :-) I don't think it is bad to put money in the eggs - want to go by the bank if you have time and get silver dollars instead? Or I am sure you don't want to got to a bunch of stores, but the dollar store or the front section of Target may have little toys you could use, "stocking stuffer" type stuff.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

We do coins instead of candy since they get some candy in their baskets. :) Plus it makes the eggs jingle!

Terrie said...

maybe you can sneak the medication into his morning coffee?!?!

Money in easter eggs is the way to go!! Make those eggs jingle.

Connie O said...

I haven't done my taxes yet either, which means I haven't given any of my paperwork to my husband. I let him do them because his financial stuff is ten times more complicated than mine.

Maybe you could put dollar coins in the eggs instead of bills--I bet Johnny would love those!

RockBand Barbie said...

I haven't had to face the Easter candy much since I haven't been the one doing the grocery shopping the last couple of weeks. Of course that didn't stop my husband from bringing me obscene amounts of Cadburry mini eggs :)

Mon said...

Hi--new follower! Just wanted to say hello after lurking for a bit :)

I did my federal taxes because I was getting a refund, but I've been putting off my state!

Chris P said...

Cant wait to get past all the candy this weekend. it's going to take some serious will power!

Laura Belle said...

I wanna plant stuff soooo bad! But I have no yard now. And am super sad that I have to leave all my beautiful flowers and plants that I got from my Gma. Dang it.

Oh well.