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Monday, March 25, 2013

BYOC on monday

Yes, I missed BYOC on Friday but I am doing it today--so there!

1-What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Is it still on today?

• I am a little embarrassed to say the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles...and my son loves it and watches it...

• I used to love the music and dance to it...and yes..I still do..but now its me and my son dancing to it!

2-Describe your favorite piece of clothing.

• I have this jean jacket from high school that I can not seem to get rid of.  I know its not the style right now but I just love it.  I used to have a favorite sweatshirt but it literally fell apart at the seems and disintegrated before my eyes.

3-In the hopes of convincing Summer to arrive – I’m asking this question. Name a summer tradition you currently have or a tradition you want to start for every summer.

• I started a tradition a couple years ago to take Johnny back to North Dakota to visit my relatives.  We stay at my uncles house on the lake in the guest/boat house.  We have a blast doing what I did every summer..playing from dusk to dawn outside never once turning on the tv.  Go fishing, boating, tubing, jet skiing, shooting off fireworks..playing all sorts of games with the cousins.  Good ole fun that my city boy son does not get a chance to do.

4-For all of the newbie bloggers out there getting to know everyone – let’s answer this one. How long have you been blogging, what is your theme and how did you pick your name? Why did you start blogging? What kind of blogs are your favorite to read and follow?

• I started blogging back in 2011 before I got my lapband in 2012.  I did it to be accountable to my weight loss journey but it has grown to so much more.  I love the therapy I get from it.

• I am not creative which is why I went with the generic background and I am just and AZ bander for living in Arizona.  One day I hope to have a design done on my sight but I literally do not know what I would choose as a theme?

• My fave blogs are all kinds..I have my bander blogs..I have my non bander blogs.  I find that I love a good laugh and any great blogger can entertain me more than you know!
5-Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life for us:

• My week was busy with birthday parties and gearing up to keep Johnny busy during spring break.  I also had a blast volunteering at my sons school.  I think I also cried once or twice about how happy I am to have lost the weight that has held me back from doing things...even the little things like dancing with Johnny and playing at the park with him!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Jean jackets are back now - break it out lady!

FitBy40 said...

I love my jean jacket. It's not from high school but not really all that different from the one I wore back then. Wear it!

Cheri said...

I'm so glad you did BYOC! I LOVED my jean jacket, was so sad when I lost it! Your summer trip sounds so wonderful!! I have the BEST memories of the weeks I spent in the summer with my grandparents - similar to what you are doing. Awesome. And I love what you shared about your feelings on the fieldtrip. This is 99% of why I want to lose the weight. I am so very happy for you Jenn.

RockBand Barbie said...

Love your summer tradition!! And I know it will be one of your son's favorite childhood memories!