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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Random Pants Tuesday

Random Tuesday.

1.) Friday we hung out with some friends and their kids..the kids had a blast..we put up a tent outside and bbq, smored and shot off fireworks..it was good fun....I call the lady the bush master because last year at the pool she had so much hair down by her privates it was overflowing outside her suit...I know gross..visual..eh?
2.) On Saturday I met my friend Jay at Wildflower bakery and had the potato soup..It came with two hunks of bread..didn't think I would could eat it...not a problem when you are sitting talking for 3 hours...and eating it slow...but boy that bread was nummy
3.) I bought two pair of size 8 pants well one is a pants..one is capris.  I got them on..but have a bit of a muffin top so I need to drop about 10lbs I think to be comfortable in them.
4.) I am taking this Friday off to go thrift shopping...I am in dire need of some shirts ...I am really short of shirts and with the nicer weather I have even fewer short sleeve shirts.
5.) I mailed in my check yesterday to the state..yes..I waited until the last possible second.
6.) My work left a case of diet coke in the break room and said take what you want...I took 2 cans...I don't drink soda because it gives me a wicked shoulder ache...why did I grab 2?
7.) My doc said its time for my yearly EGD..that requires an unfill and then a outpatient procedure and then you start to put your fills back...it took me so long to get green I don't want to do my EGD..thinking about putting it off for another couple of months...


~Miss Lorie~ said...

What is an EDG?

A complete unfill- ugh, I would hate that too!

Mari said...

Man I get a lot of shoulder pain from fizzy drinks too - no diet coke for me in months and months - old habits die hard though x

Kay S said...

A complete unfill?? That seems so unfair. And now I wonder if my clinic does that too.
I can't do carbonated drinks very well either. Though that didn't stop me from trying to drink a couple of beers the other night :-|
Size 8 pants? That's awesome!

Elizabeth said...

I really like that they are so on top of making sure everything is ok but I think it would be ok to put it off since you have no indication of problems.

FitBy40 said...

OMG, Bush Lady! That is so gross! I had a friend like that too, and it drove me nuts.
I've never had an EGD and I'm almost 3 years out.

Cheri said...

Size 8 - how exciting is that?? :-)

The tent/bbq sounds fun...but I'm trying to erase the OTHER IMAGE you seared in my mind, lol!

I'd be bothered by the EGD thing, too. :-/

Chris P said...

So excited for size 8's!! Congrats to you! I am curious about the EDG too, what is that? A complete unfill sounds like no fun.

Connie O said...

I bet it will be less than 10 lbs. before those are comfortable--the smaller you get, the fewer pounds it takes to drop a size. You are doing great!

RockBand Barbie said...

Bush Master...ha ha ha. One of the girls that went to the beach with me last year could have totally had that name as well. Our first day at the beach I actually said "Really???? You knew we were coming to the beach....you couldn't trim that shit up????" She wasn't too friendly with me the rest of the trip...ha ha ha.

I have to get a scope done every year (due to Barrett's esophagus) but I don't have to get unfilled. I do, however, no longer go to a gastroenterologist (sp?) to get my scope. My lapband doctor does the scopes for me. I feel more comfortable with him doing it then someone who knows really nothing about scoping someone with a band.

Amy said...

eewwwww.....now I'm going to go to bed with images of the bushmaster. And seriously....an EGD when everything's ok? Yikes. That would suck to get unfilled and have to build back up. Every doc has a different way, I guess. I've never had one.