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Monday, April 22, 2013

Does weight resituate..over time

I am sitting outside enjoying the sunshine....I  must let you know...because summer is coming and then I will be holed up inside the house with the A/C cranked...yes my A/C is running now..I don't like it above 80 in the house :P
I had a lovely weekend  meeting up with some friends for lunch.  I met up with my first friend on Saturday, she had band done same time as me, looked great..didn't recognize her its been about 3 months since I seen her.  Although she says she had only lost 4lbs in that time her weight looked different..like it had re situated itself.. I wonder if weight does that?  I would love to do plastics but I am not sure if I want to wait a year after goal and see what everything looks like.  Her daughter got the sleeve done same time as us...get this she  was 467lbs and she is now 189..she did just got back from Mexico getting new boobs, tummy tuck, arms and something else trimmed up..but that is an insane amount of weight she lost...she is a just a shimmer of what she used to be.
On Sunday, I had another great lunch with my bander blogger friends...Jen and Elizabeth..we tried a new place Chelseas Kitchen..in Arcadia and I was not a fan of the place..and it is famous...I thought my food was bland.  I didn't even ask Jen and Elizabeth what or how there food was....we gabbed the whole time...almost 2 hours of gabbing...I love them girls


Elizabeth said...

Sorry you didnt like it! :( Mine was good! Realistically, I show up for the company anyway ;)

Jen said...

mine was delish too!! I'm with Elizabeth, we could eat anywhere and I'd show up just to hang with ya'll!!

RockBand Barbie said...

There was no way I was waiting a year to see if my weight shifted/re situated or anything else before I had a tummy tuck. I needed before I got fat from birthing those babies :) I have heard other people complain after getting a tt that if they do gain any weight it goes other places (butt, thigh, etc).

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

It's actually a fact that if you have lipo - fat will never go back to that area again. It goes all the other places where you didn't have lipo. No one told me that before I had lipo - thank God.

Harli said...

I think it does resituate! I swear it has moved around on my body!

Cheri said...

Such a pretty picture of all three of you! What a fun weekend hooking up with so many friends. :-) (I don't like the hot months here, either! I'm hoping each pound off helps a little...don't pop my optimist bubble, lol!!)