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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

First I got to have you go follow a newbie...she is an AZ blogger and is on the 6month wait to get her band...she is super excited and has been stocking the blogs..like we all did  DrrtGrl

So yesterday was quite the day.  Met with my lawyer and finished up my paperwork there, then came home and did Legos with Johnny.  He is on a big Lego kick and we have been assembling quite a few of them...he got like 10 kits for his birthday...I think we have 4 left.

I noticed my front right tire is worn way down...when hubby wrecked my car a few months ago I should have gotten an alignment because I think that is why it is wearing down so fast.  So I am going to make an appointment for some car maintenance this weekend, oil change, transmission flush, alignment, tire rotation and possibly get a new tire...YIKES I know that is going to cost me some money.  I am also a little shocked that I have not had to replace the brakes yet.  I bought the car 2 years ago and it had 22000 miles on it..it now has 70000 miles on it and I have never replaced the brakes....you would think they would start to squeak?

This weekend a few girlfriends and I are all going to the waterslides up here in Anthem I am super pumped to just lay around and gossip...plus I am getting my hair done on Saturday..yay...no moving or boxing just relaxing...I can use it!

Oh yay
Last week weigh In 168
This week weigh in 166
total loss 2 lbs
Woot woot!


Leigh Costa said...

You have officially surpassed me! You are awesome! Congratulations:)

DrrtGrl said...

Thanks for the shout out lady! I'm still working my way through your blog, lol.
My sweetie works at C&R Tire there in Anthem for your car maintenance, if you don't already have a mechanic. :)

Jen said...

did you remember I'm bringing a not quite 2 year old with me this weekend?? no laying around and relaxing for me!! THAT's why I may bring the hubs!! he can do all the work!

way to go on the WL!!! you continue to amaze girl!!


Rachel said...

Good job! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Excited! Jen thats what Mya is for duh!!

Congrats on the loss - awesomeness per usual!!!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

YEAH!!!! Look at that kick ass loss!

Cheri said...

I like doing legos too. ;-D Some of the fun of having kids. :-D

Wow, lots of things to handle all the time - I hope the car work isn't too $$$ - but surely is needed! (I'd say you got your money's worth with the brakes, lol). Hope you have a blast with friends on the weekend! And WOO HOO on 166!

FitBy40 said...

ugh, we're having work done on my car this week too. I hate it!
Great news on the loss...keep up the great work!

*AStrongNewMe* said...

Great weigh in! I am taking my car for new tires this weekend and just can't wait (yeah right!)

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

great job!