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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Over...Goals Fulfilled....Check!

Wow!!! Is the weekend over?

It was great.  I worked out BOTH days!!! On date night we went to batman.  I was a little disappointed and maybe it was because I had to sit in the front row because the movie theater was PACKED...really hasn't this been out for some time?  Why was the movie theater packed at 3:00pm on Saturday?  CRAZY
I will say it did creep me out when two guys went out the emergency door down  by the front row...I had Colorado visions in my mind---ughh

I just didn't think the characters developed that well.  

I bought a coffee and that is all I had at the movie theater...hubby had popcorn with butter, hot dog, and twizzlers and mountain dew...ughhh  but I just sipped my coffee and reminded myself that I do love my hubby--lol!!

I went to lunch with a couple friends...one has the band...the other the sleeve.  I don't see them often and I try to keep in touch  but boy it was cool to see there progress...we all kind of had our surgeries at the same time.  They look great.  The girl with the sleeve has lost 80lbs and literally she looks younger and I can't believe how pretty her face is.....she is going to be stunning when she is done.  And the bander is the same weight as I am now but she has lost more...she looked great too.  We giggled gossiped and had a fabulous lunch comparing stories....I loved it!  Hope we get to do that again...there is just something about being able to relate and share weight loss stories without feeling guilty or holding back!

Today is first day of kindergarten...I am so proud of my little hunney bunney he is so excited to go even though him and his bestie are split up in different classes!

I am loving the BOTD...it is so cool to read up on everyone!  If you get a chance go the boobs blog and check them out!


MandaPanda said...

Great job on working out! You are a rock star!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I hear you on the movie theatre thing...we went to see Batman again on Saturday night and I still was a little creeped out by people moving around (though also distracted by the tiny baby in the row in front of me, seriously people?)

That's so cool that you got to have lunch with other WLS friends. I need to search out some of that support around here too!

Sarah said...

Hope your little one enjoys the first day! I'm sure Mama was teary eyed. :) I would have been!


Cheri said...

How fun to meet with friends and be able to see how far you all have come in you WL - that must have been so encouraging. :-)

I'm enjoying BOTD too!

RockBand Barbie said...

I have only gone to the movies once since being banded. The biggest reason we don't go is because I totally don't trust myself around movie popcorn...love, love, love it and all its buttery evilness.

DiZneDiVa said...

I love going to the movies but I do miss the popcorn. Sometimes I will have a handful of someone else's.

Laura Belle said...

Way to go on the work outs!!! And not mowing down popcorn. I can't even smell it w/o grabbing 14 fist fulls.

Ronnie said...

I LOVE going to lunch with other BOOBs. We all gossip about our surgeries, etc. It's fantastic. You should try to get your friends into blogging. It really helps to have a community. :)

Also, I totally feel you on the movie thing. I hate going with my honey. He'll get a large popcorn and eat it within 30 minutes and drink a whole large drink... sometimes go back for seconds on the popcorn. I wanna say (and sometimes do), "STOP EATING SO MUCH!" lol