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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Increasing my pace at the gym to keep heartrate up---SCORE!

So I have not been running at the gym since my doc told me to layoff until I lost more weight.  But I reached an impass last night.  As you all know I am in a challenge to workout 30 days this month and to keep my heartrate up...I shoot for 150.  Well I was having a hard time keeping it up at 3.5pace at a 2.5 incline so I last night I did 5 min at usual and then 5 min at 4.0 (running slightly) and I kept this up until 45 min then I switched to 3.6 pace at 3.0 incline.  I was sweating like crazy and yeah my heart rate hit 180 and I had to drop it...I read you don't want to keep your heart rate at max but rather do 70-80% of your max heartrate in order to lose weight.  So 20min of running was about 1 1/2 miles I was thrilled...granted it was not all in a row...but I will get there!  Must note...need more glide..the shaffing under my teets is terrible I have a red line in front where my bra sits and its a little raw.  Oh and my ankle did hurt last night.  I had a plate and pin and some screws put in when I broke it in college and it acts up when I run, wear high heels, or a rain storm is coming in(seriously, I am like grandma betty telling everyone a storm is coming!)

So I may have peaked at the scale this morning because I just felt thin today....you know when you wake up and you can feel it in your bones....well I saw a 3lb loss but I am not counting it until tomorrow(if that scale goes up I am throwing it out the window and running it over with my car)

I had a good laugh this morning hearing Taylor Swifts new song We are Never Ever Ever getting back together---lol! that was great...how many times have we all said that!

Oh and hear is my punkin on his first day at kindergarten


MandaPanda said...

Aaaaawwww! Too cute!

Congrats on increasing the pace! You are rockin' it!!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

So cute!

Way to go on the treadmill, that's awesome!!! I say if it isn't hurting you then go for it.

Jen said...

OMG could your little one be any cuter?? Love it!
Good job on upping the pace.. you'll be beating your goal in no time!

Elizabeth said...

Nice job!! OMGosh - he is beyond adorable!!!

JRD said...

You are really kickin' booty my friend! Good for you!! And great job on continuing to challenge yourself and not hurt yourself...rock on! And your little one is adorbs!

Z said...

sooo cute!!! love school pics!

congrats on the increase!

Ronnie said...

Oh, totally cute! That'll be me taking my monsters to their first day in about a week and a half. :D