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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Am I an idiot on these fills?

So I truly feel like I am not getting it.  I had 2.8cc in my band and I went in for a fill yesterday because I was eating more than 1 cup at a time--more like 2 cups and it was only keeping me full a couple of hours.
So I go in and Dr. D gives me 2cc to bring me up to 4.8cc now that is still less than 5.65cc I had before my complete unfill so I think its aggressive but who am I to say anything.  He has me drink water and it goes down no problem.
As the night progresses I feel tight but I am not eating solid foods so it does not stand out.  Then night time comes and I have terrible acid reflux---the gurgling kind---the kind that wakes you out of slumber because you think you are drowning...the kind when you are too full---uggghhh
So I am going to call this morning and get a slight unfill----maybe I swell a bunch after a fill?  Its really frustrating because I have to take time off work to go in for all these fills---I kind of think its crazy how many fills I have had.  I remember originally my doc said that most patients get 7 fills a year---well I have gone past that.

Any words of wisdom?

Boy did we get storms last night...my mom had 2 trees blow down---big ones 30 ft high.  My father in law had 3 trees blow down...luckily ours are all still standing just have quite a bit of water still in the yard..oh and the doggie door in the laundry room ---should have shut that because the room flooded in a matter of 30 min--the rain was crazy! and hail.

Oh and weigh in this week...this is for 2 weeks because I was on vacation last week
starting weight 235.5
weight today 229.0
Loss of 6.5lbs---yay!!!!  that is the biggest loss I have seen and I did it on vacation and with just a slight fill..exercise was the key  I really believe that!!!


MandaPanda said...

What an amazing vacation loss!!

Some people are super sensitive to fills and the docs need to go slower with them. Sounds like this may be the case for you. Sorry it's been such a struggle.

Nikki609 said...

I wish I had some words of wisdom for you :( I don't get acid reflux, but I usually get tight like a week after the fill. I guess its trial and error, but it sure is a pain! Good luck!

Jen said...

I agree with Amanda. Sounds like you need to get smaller fills more often to me. It is all trial and error and sorry you have to deal with all of it!
WOWZERS on the loss! Good job!

It's amazing to me all the rain you guys got there. I live what like 15 miles south of you and we barely got any.. Arizona is wierd.

Mari said...

Congratulations on your incredible loss!! As others have said, little fills are the way to go I think. x

adorkbl said...

awesome on the loss!!!

as for the fill... perhaps it was too agressive in the amount... maybe it made you swell because of the large fluctuation.

i know after my port replacement last year, my restriction level was vastly different. i was able to stay satiated on less fill than i was previous. so perhaps the total unfill "reset" you.

good luck with the unfill. i have had far too many fills and unfills. i hope get to restriction relatively smoothly this go around.

Ronnie said...

I think the doc is just being WAY too aggressive with your fills. I got 1 cc at a time until I reached 4 cc's, and then we started 0.5 cc's per fill. Some docs want to go faster to avoid bandster hell, but that's the worst thing they could do in some cases. You're just sensitive to fills, it seems. Tell him to bring it on down next time. :(

CJ said...

Well....unfortunately I am clueless on the fill question :)....but I did want to say WOO HOO on 6.5 pounds down!!! Gotta love seeing a loss like that after a vacation too! :-)

Jules said...

Awsome job on the loss, woo hoo! I have no advise on the fills because I've never experienced them...but always go with your gut! You know your body best and what it can handle!

Steph said...

Ok, here's my take. I started off at 2 cc's when I got my band, then went in 1 cc increments until 5 cc's. At 5 cc's I needed a fill. He added 1 cc. on a Friday and it was WAY too much. I had to go back on Monday morning after a weekend from hell. He took out .75 of the 1 cc fill (putting me at 5.25) and I was still too loose. So back again for .25 and BOOM that was my sweet spot and I've been at the same level for a year and a half now (amyeb more). I am very sensitive to fills and by taking it slow, you can get a better idea of what works for you. EVERYONE is different. :) Goos Luck to yoU!

RockBand Barbie said...

I have only had 2 fills, but I feel like I was sensitive fills...felt very tight for about 2 weeks after. I agree with others...maybe you need smaller fills at a time.

Kelli said...

it can be tricky I know. Hey we didn't even get as much as a spit of rain on the East side. Yet on the news it should Anthem flooding like crazy.....

Leigh C. said...

Sorry can't offer advice on the fill...but bitch'in loss! Yay for you:)

Amy said...

TOO AGGRESSIVE!! Pleeeease...insist on smaller, more frequent fills. Everyone's bodies are different, but just because you can drink water afterwards doesn't mean you're ok. It usually takes me up to a week to feel restriction. Slow and steady, cupcake. On my blog there's a list of all of my fills and the amounts each time. Yes, I had to go to the doc quite a bit, but I never, ever had feelings of reflux. I'm so sorry that happened :(

Andrea said...

I haven't had that issue yet with my band, but my fills have been a lot smaller.

Good job on the loss this week!!!