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Friday, August 10, 2012

TTT---its been awhile since I did this!

Thanks Laura Belle for TTT
1.  I have exercised everyday this month except on 8/3.  I have exercised at least 60-70 min each day and kept my heartrate at 140-160 for 60minutes.  You see there is a challenge at my Weight Loss Center that if you work out for 28 days this month and keep your heart rate within range for 60min you get entered in a drawing for a free body bugg....I SO WANT THIS!  I have been increasing my time and incline and I should be at a run by the end of the month...I am up to almost 4miles a day.
2.  I may have had a crappy day and ate some chocolate chip cookies yesterday.
3.  I am buying me some new running shoes this weekend.
4.  School starts Monday and I can't wait this week has been tough watching Johnny and working from home.
5.  I am planning on working out Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.
6.  My mom is watching johnny overnight Saturday...I would like to do something with hubby Saturday just not sure what yet.
7.  I am planning on making some mushroom/potato soup today.  Because I LOVE MUSHROOMS
8.  I can't believe how quickly September BOOBS is coming.
9.  My stalker gym guy ran on the treadmill yesterday next to me...he did not say anything but hello...
10.  I am not sure what I am going to do in Chicago...I have no plans...maybe I should make some?


Mari said...

Awesome exercise-athon!! I am inspired! I really hope you get the bodybugg! x

Jen said...

you are doing so well on the exercise!! keep it up!

Hope you find something fun to do on Saturday night!! !

Can't believe how quickly BOOBs is coming up!! I want to plan some things for Chicago too, maybe together?? :)

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Good luck on the bodybugg! I've been eyeing those forever but got the FitBit instead (cheaper!)

Also, I LOVE mushrooms and I LOVE new running shoes, so I'm super excited for your plans. LOL

Azmomo2 said...

Sounds like he is working up the nerve to ask you something. Uh oh. I think hubby needs a gym membership for a month :-)

I have a body bugg but haven't used it in a while.

DiZneDiVa said...

MY BFF Beth is going to Chicago and she wants to sight see.... So See the sights together!

RockBand Barbie said...

So excited about Chicago :) No plans for me either, but I am a go with flow kinda gal, so I will just tag along with whatever :)

Cheri said...

Wow! Wtg on the exercising! Hope you and hubs can do something fun this weekend. :-) And good luck on the body bugg....when will they announce?

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

YAY for BOOBS. No plans is totally fine - go with the flow!! You're kicking ass!

tz said...

ooh i love mushroom soup too and wow, exercised every day this month (except 8/3) -- i so want to be you when I grow up

tz said...

ooh i love mushroom soup too and wow, exercised every day this month (except 8/3) -- i so want to be you when I grow up

Ronnie said...

Planning is for the birds! I went with plans last year and broke almost all of them (not purposefully being mean, just lost track of time doing other things). Stay free to do what you want! :)

I hope you win the body bugg!!!

Oh, and have fun with your husband tonight. :D

Momee3021 said...

Hey can you send some of that motivation up here please... You are kicking ass - its so awesome - I hope you win the bugg - you so deserve it.

I love mushrooms too mmmm... send recipe.

As for BOOBS Im a total planner and am making a mini list of what I want to see/do I will send it to you. Maybe you would want to do some of the stuff too.

Keep kicking everyones butt at the gym!