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Friday, August 17, 2012

Logging Exercise and watching the progression!

Thanks for all my well wishes and congratulations yesterday..it sure uplifted me to see the emails come in.  Blogging has sure enriched my life!

So I exercised yesterday...thought I would hit the CC(country club chickas!) but Johnny fell asleep right after school and didn't wake up.  I tried...let me tell you I tried.  We were also invited to Pasta Night at the CC but alas...me and PASTA is always a no-go...I won't even go there anymore...same with PORK...just about the only two things I will not even try to eat.

Guess what...I was rested yesterday so I had energy to do my fast pace...I did not run...thought I should give body one more day of somewhat rest...I think it is hard on my body to run with all this weight and it tires me out...I need to pace myself if I am going to make it doing 60min of intense exercise each day this month!

I also noticed..don't put your fitbit on your shoe unless you want to impress with fitbit calorie benefit.  I normally get a 500-600 calorie benefit from my fitbit steps but when I put it on my shoe...it gave me 1200 bonus calories...I know I did not burn that many...that was on my tired day, day before yesterday...I was trying to keep my fitbit dry because I think I burn them out.  I put some plastic on it yesterday and it stayed dry...you see I sweat..everywhere and am pretty much a soaking wet noodle when I am done...not a dry stitch of clothes anywhere.

Another thing I noticed, part of this challenge is you have to log what exercise you do and for how long and what your heartrate was....this has been fun.  I have watched myself improve almost daily...in order to keep my heart rate up, I have to keep increasing my resistance or speed...its awesome and I think even more rewarding than logging my food.  One thing I noticed is that I can get my heartrate up pretty quick and I can recover almost 10 times quicker than when I started.  If you get a chance, I know its a pain, but it is cool to see the progression.

Well I am off for the weekend from blog land...hope you all have fun..its nice and cooler here in PHX..less than 100 projected all week.  We are headed up to Payson,AZ to watch ASU scrimmage---I have my hot new ASU shirt that I will be sporting and the weather is suppose to be in the 80's LOVE IT!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Ha! Funny to know about the FitBit. I usually keep mine clipped to my bra. :) Happy Friday!

Momee3021 said...

I so need a fit bit... You're rocking the challenge and so motivational. I cant eat pork either for some reason but pasta has been hit or miss no spaghetti but penne and macaroni are fine so far but Im not really testing it too much. happy weekend relax you deserve it!

DiZneDiVa said...

I have had those same fears about my fitbit... I wish it was waterproof. I never tried attaching it to my shoe though. I clip it to my bra usually but during workouts, walking, and hot days. I do sweat alot.

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

What a cool idea! I will have to track my heart rate. You are killing it!

Ronnie said...

Hope you're having a great weekend!

I'm with you on pork, it's always touch and go. :(