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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Food...dirty four letter word!

So my booblet Sophie over at petticoat had me thinking about this.  I have recently been thinking that my exercise is key to my weightloss...but that statement came from someone who was not exercising until recently but a few of you bloggers out there...um...Ronnie...reminded me that food is actually more key than exercise.  I didn't want to admit it...but it is.  I can totally undo my exercise by eating too many calories.  DANG IT.
Why is food such a battle?
Why can't I love vegetables and protein?
Why must I crave Carbs and Fat and Sugar?

I peaked at the scale today...even though weigh in is tomorrow...it showed no loss...I swore....like a sailor.  It put me in a bad mood as it usually does.

Switching gears....

So I have really been trying to change not only my eating habits but my families...and boy is that tough.  Hubby is tough..he is skinny...and a horrible eater.  He can eat pizza three times a week, ice cream, cookies and never gain.  But Johnny and I not happening.  So I try to tell him that we just don't have his metabolism and I don't want Johnny to pick up his unhealthy eating habits.  So I have limited him and Johnny to one treat to have in the house a week.  They can have it once a day.  Any other treats hubby has must remain out of house.  This has been working so far on my binge candy raiding and cookie raiding I was doing in the pantry.  I have also been doing fruit as a desert in the evening.  I have done parfaits using low fat cool whip---THEY LOVE it! and Cold watermelon and salt--Johnny and mines favorite.  And I just introduced Johnny to smoothies..he loves them..in fact he said I could skip ice cream next week he would rather have a smoothie---score!  Now I totally get that its easier for me to introduce Johnny to this he is 5 and his habits have not been going on for too long...a teenager would be a lot harder.  I am hoping I can change them but dinner is not always working.  Every other day we eat the same thing but some nights I eat differently than I do for the rest of the family.. partly out of convenience...I get tired and lazy after work and working out and I don't plan great meals.. I resort to macaroni and cheese and hot dogs(for them not me)---cringe...bad mom.

Switching gears again.....

So we started a challenge with the BOOBs girls.  And I pledged that this week I would up my running to 30minutes from 20minutes.  Apparently, I should have done this sooner...or bought my shoes sooner.  I ran for 30minutes and walked for 35minutes...I felt fabulous.  Last week I  ran two days for 20minutes and then the rest of the week I recovered from that.  I am going to shoot for 30minutes of running again tonight..because I am not sore---yay and I don't feel tired---yay again!

So I am still hoping for at least 1 lb loss tomorrow but I am going to try not to throw a tantrum and cause my hubby grief if I don't.....


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I hear you...I have to keep the treats OUT of the house because I have no control. I'm like an alcoholic that way. I'm glad my kids are still young and I can work on getting them into the good habits now though.

You are doing great and CONGRATS! on upping your runs. That's wonderful!!!

MandaPanda said...

General rule in our house is that if you don't have to cook it, you can't *itch about eating it. LOL. Much easier to change their habits at a young age...hopefully you're teaching him good eating habits for the future!

Laura Belle said...

You go girl!

And on the food thing, I think every person has those days where cooking is just not top priority, so you go for the easy (and bad) stuff. I do it all the time! I think one trick is leftovers, when making a meal, make a shit ton of it, that way 2 nights during the week you can eat that. Also have salad and veggies in the house. If you've gotta have mac and cheese for supper, at least add a salad. That'll get your veggies in.

Great idea about the fruit!

H said...

I am working on not undoing my workouts with food too. I find I get stuck in the "but I just worked out and I deserve it" mindset when I get on a good roll with it. Weight loss is 70-80% food and 20-30% exercise. Why can't cookies taste bad?

Right there with you on the setting a good example for the little ones. Little Miss is 5 and I worry about her eating habits and her weight way more than I should because I don't want her to fight the battle I have been fighting.

And seriously - ROCK ON with the runs...err running. I don't want you to get the runs.

RockBand Barbie said...

I always had junk food in the house when the kids were growing up, but I also always had fresh fruit and raw veggies cut up and ready. My boys would go for the good stuff just as much if not more than the junk food as long as it was ready to grab and go.

Since I don't exercise I feel like I have to really, really be mindful of what (and how much) I eat. I am sure I probably would have lost more with exercise, but I am proof that changing your diet alone can do it too.

speck said...

I grew up in a family that loved sweets. I have no doubt that that was a part of my food addiction.

I also raised my girls(hate to admit that) with sweets in the house.

It's never to late to change that. Both of my girls(20 & 13) have really changed their eating habits and portion sizes and they are both healthy slim girls now.

I've been doing the same thing so you can still set a good example.

Look forward to meeting you in Chicago.


DiZneDiVa said...

Sweets are my downfall... i am working on my head issues so my revision is as successful long-term as i hope it will be. i don't mind a little junk in the trunk but right now it's like a junkyard back there. Thanx for all your amazing comments... You are an incredible Blogger and Friend! XOXO *M*

Beth Ann said...

What great ideas to keep your family on track! And nice run!

adorkbl said...

Catching up on blogs... just want to say... way to go on getting healthy habits started for Johnny. That is so important. Keep it up. :)

And AWESOME on the running front. Holy cats. 20 minutes. I am impressed.

Beth said...

It is hard to get everyone in the house to eat right. It is awesome that you are teaching your child healthy eating habits, since weight issues start in childhood most of the time. Don't beat yourself up if you aren't 100% perfect all of the time! You are making great strides for you and your family!