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Thursday, August 30, 2012

All kinds of Tight!

Hate even posting this..because it seems my mantra after every fill.  BUT I AM TIGHT.  Yesterday I had 3/4 of  a protein shake for breakfast and 1 cup of broth for lunch and only 1/4 protein shake for dinner...and water...thats all I could munster after my fill.  I slept fine no reflux--which was great.  So today I watch it.  I am hoping I consume more today but if not I guess it will be an unfill for me on Friday.  I am such a fill sensitivity girl, its usually swelling for a couple days...why can't I be more the norm?!

I have a sick kid he stayed home yesterday and today.  There is no school on Friday or Monday.  We wanted to head up to Flagstaff for the fair cause its only suppose to be 76 instead of 113 like it is here...and its more of a small town fair rather than the gang shoot out fair here in Phoenix (I refuse to go ever since a girl died on the ferris wheel from a stray bullet from a gang shoot out)..and that was many moons ago.  But Johnny had such a blast at the North Dakota state fair I thought it would be fun....no fun if he is sick.  We pre-bought tickets too so we are doing everything we can to get him well enough to go Saturday...should have known colds always come down the first two weeks of school!

Woke up this morning to 220----holy cow onederland is so close...I am just giddy.  I always said I would be jacked once I was down to my lowest weight 219 that I achieved during HCG dieting and I am almost there.  Loving this weight because it seems to really show itself and change me almost on a daily basis.

Hubby found out his bro is getting a divorce.  That sucks.  He just got married, I don't think it has even been a year.  I hate to see that because I know his bro wanted to start a family and this girl was just too young and not ready...like the last.

The golf cart is still not running, hubby found out the break needs replacing...when we started it and it leaped forward...yikes!  but the bolts are all rusted on there and its an awkward spot to saw them off.  Glad its not me out there.  But I am dying to take it for a spin!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...heres to me getting some nice fitting panties...I need them!


Harmony said...

Boo hiss to sick kids! I hope he feels better and you get to make your trip!

Jen said...

Ha on the "gang shoot out fair ".. that's so true!!
Hope you get to Flagstaff, that'll be a nice diversion from the heat.. hope J is feeling better by then!
Maybe we should do a meetup in Flagstaff.. think anyone will be interested?? :)

Boo on the too tight. You poor thing, you really are sensitive.

thanks for the words of advice yesterday. You really are the best..

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I hope the kids get better, sick kids are no good!

I have NEVER felt "tight" with my band. I don't even know what that means! No gurgling water, nothing. I had my tuna fish (maybe 3 oz?) and 2 laughing cow slices and felt fine...maybe after my banana this afternoon or after a sensible dinner I will (since tuna is kinda mushy?)

MandaPanda said...

Hang in there sweetie! I'm thinking if you can get through the initial swelling, you'll be alright. No reflux or gurgling...that's a good sign.

Elizabeth said...

Hope he feels better... hope your fill works out!

adorkbl said...

Ugh. Your day sounded like mine yesterday. I just couldn't hang on any longer. Glad I got the unfill. Keep us posted!!

Cheri said...

I'll cheer to new panties for you! I think that is a reasonable weekend goal. ;-)

Leigh C. said...

I hate, hate, hate sick kids! Not the kids,the fact that they're sick:) Congrats on your loss, and I hope your shopping excursion is fruitful!

tz said...

113 OMG and I thought it was hot here at 96 :D At least it's a dry heat...hahaha, I get sick of hearing that (we're in Colorado).
220 wow...you're doing great! It's funny, I measure my weight loss based on past diets too...oh here i was when I did slimgenics...in a few pounds I'll be down to where I was when I did LA weight loss --
and hope your little guy feels better soon!

Ronnie said...

Oy! My boys were sick this weekend, too. I guess I didn't realize school would be this... germy. They certainly didn't get it from me! lol

I hope your little man was feeling better! :)