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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...last time in May!

Loving the 10 random things by Laura Belle
1.) I lost another 2 lbs today.....holy crack balls...things are starting to move
2.) Thought I may be too tight yesterday but then last night the band opened up and I could have soup and a skinny cow...I could not eat chili at lunch though...this morning it does not take me as long to drink my shake
3.) Having hair conundrums...it does not want to behave...just got it cut but it seems like I have a bunch of fly aways..could be that my hairdresser was puking the whole time..hmmm
4.) Here comes that PHX heat...ughh got spoiled this weekend in the 80's
5.) Last week of hubby driving in to work...then its full time from home....so jealous
6.) Hope I don't kill hubby on the days we work from home together.
7.) I am giving a party this Friday for a couple -couples from church...making lasagne...not sure I can even eat it...probably will have to stick to the salad I am making
8.) Feel like I am throwing away too much food...need to determine how to not waste so much food.  I mean I do like that I am eating next to nothing but I did not anticipate this and bought to much at the store last weekend.  I did not plan on going in for the fill this week so that is probably it..will try better at planning this weekend grocery shopping.
9.) I am slacking on my wifely cooking duties..I have not been cooking been making Johnny sandwhiches all week for dinner and crackers/meat/cheese for lunch...feeling bad
10.) Need to get a container to store my hose in...went to use it and the sun had turned it black and eaten a whole in it---or maybe it just cracked....that sun is evil down here so I am going to say it ate  a hole in it.

now off to update ticker........


Sarah said...

Nice loss! Keep that up, girl!


Jen said...

WOOHOO on the loss!! You are doing so well!
I had the same problem with too much food at first.. you'll figure it out and then you won't buy as much so you won't feel as wasteful!!
Ugh on the heat!! Gonna be a scorcher today and tomorrow!

Amy said...

I've saved a ton of money since banding. A large portion was fast food, but in general, I eat a whole lot less. The other day I ate 5 Baked Tostitos and was full. Really!? 5 chips? :)

Banded With Favor said...

Anything that is mushy or liquid you can freeze in ice cube trays...they are usually 1 oz each already portioned and ready...Got that from Donna!!!

I hear ya on the evil sun...just 3 hours (speeding of course) from you in Palm Springs and we have sun issues too!!! My backyard furniture is beyond sun rotted