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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day after Holiday...how are YOU doing?

So I made it thru the holiday!  Did I eat the best.....well...I had good choices and a few bad choices....but you know what my band helped me on those bad choices.  I did not gain any weight...but I did not seem to lose any either?  I am back on the wagon again today...which is all I can do.  I ate way to much watermelon...dang that stuff tastes good cold on a warm day!  And of course I can eat bucket loads of the stuff....hate to say I fell off the wagon just on watermelon.  We went out to eat twice this weekend.  One day it was Olive Garden....I was worried but I had minestrone soup and the apricot chicken(I had watched a special on Dr. Oz that the apricot chicken was an awesome choice only 400 calories and no carbs) So I only ate 1/2 of it and my soup.  It was really good!  took the rest home.  The other time out it was Ocho Loco and I order a quesadilla....probably a bad choice.  Had one 3 bites got stuck.  Took it home and tried next day..same problem.  I had heard that tortillas can be dangerous and I agree it was not going to happen.
I did have skinny cow ice cream sandwich that was really good.
Today is my little boys first day of summer camp at the public schools.  He is meeting all new kids and I am all anxietal over it.   I did not talk about it with him because I did not want him to feel or get my anxiety.  I hope he makes some new buddies and has a great time.  Why must my social issues translate down to my son...he does take after his daddy who is very outgoing and friendly...ughh my hangups do not need to be my sons hangups.
I will let you all know how it goes but I am prepared for it to take a couple weeks to make friends so I don't expect him to find his new best friend for the summer...but it would so put my mind at ease if he did.

On the band front....I am skipping my breakfast and having a shake now in the am...and it seems to be working pretty good.  I am really trying to get my protein in and need that shake everyday to do so.


Azmomo2 said...

I have decided to do a breakfast shake instead of a breakfast as well. I just can't manage to get in enough protein unless I do this. I chose a 30g protein for 250 calories from Lifetime Fitness... since currently it's the only one, out of many that I have tried, that I like the taste of :-) It's not too far off of the 10 cal to 1 g protein "rule"

MandaPanda said...

Tortillas are a no-go for me as well. Sounds like you did pretty well for a holiday weekend. My daughter started her summer camp yesterday as well. Luckily, it sounds like it went OK. :)