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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Following Laura Belle and Draz's lead
1.) I woke up with a racing heartbeat and dizzy...not sure if it has anything to do with fill yesterday and liquid only diet.
2.) Doc filled me to 4.8cc  I wanted 5 but he is being cautious...I get it...
3.) I am finally back to my ticker weight--245 yay!!! so only april and May were a total loss with my flipped port but I now seem to be back on track.
4.) Anxious to start real food and see how my restriction is.
5.) I can't wait to be home for the next 5 days...may not blog much...just warning.
6.) Hubby got job officially...finally passed all the background checks...man this process was long, he started it back in February.  His official start date June 11th...yay!!!
7.) Work for me has been super busy...taking over a .NET wsdl and adding some more logic to it...very interesting since I don't know .NET so I am doing my usual GOOGLE till I learn it.
8.)  I want a cute lunch box...
9.) My son graduates preschool tonight...can't wait so cute to see him in cap and gown
10.) Its been so hot here seems crazy to see 108 in May.  Glad this weekend its cooling down to 80's


Jen said...

Yay on being back to the ticker weight!!! that's awesome!!
Congrats on your hubs' new job and graduation for the kiddo!!
Yes, the heat is ridiculous.. doesn't it seem early for it?? BUT, the silver lining is that I hear it's supposed to be really nice this weekend and not so hot!
Enjoy your long weekend!

MandaPanda said...

Congrats to Hubby on new job!!! Yeah...the heat here the last few days was CUH-RAZY! Hope this fill gets you to a good spot :)

Ronnie said...

Not having much to say about anything else... I firmly believe a cute lunch box is a MUST. You should get one of those bento box ones. They're fabulous!

Momee3021 said...

OMG 108 I'd melt. Thats awesome that you're back on track and hubby;s new job and baby grad - love it - cap & gown :)

Ok now you've motivated me to get going and I have yet to find a lunch box I like maybe at BOOBS we'll go shopping for one.