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Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy weekend~!

I had a busy weekend!  Friday went to Avengers..thought it was pretty good..went with my friend Jay and we put Johnny in the kid zone...love that place and so does Johnny so I didn't feel guilty.  Had a little popcorn but not much..normally I would have eaten half the bag.
On Saturday we had swim lessons, went and got the oil change---hate getting that done.  Did grocery shopping and laundry(swear I live in the laundry room) and then Sunday I taught sunday school and then went to my hubbys grandparents to celebrate nana's birthday...papa was in a mood...just wanted to pick a fight with everyone...same ole same ole.  Man I don't want to be old and cranky like they are...what a miserable existence.  Then took some bedding back from Anna's Linens won't be getting anything there again....it was so cheap it fell apart (comforter-8piece set) the first week.  Johnny ran thru sprinkler and I managed to get in around 8500 steps each day.  It was actually harder to get my steps in this weekend.  I got the ironing done and made my oatmeal for the week.  Made spagetti dinner last night...funny thing is that pasta has not proved to be difficult yet.  Bread yes.  Pizza yes.  Chicken Breast yes.  Rice and Pasta no...
It seems though after each fill I will need to re-evaluate.  Speaking of fills...I get one this Wednesday...no lie...I am nervous. I have not had a successful fill...they have been 45 minute stickem fests...I am hoping this one goes smooth and quick.
Working out my flexible spending account...have to show documentation for a bit of things...hoping I have enough documentation for it...there is one in particular a charge by my weightloss center for 3 years of support..they said that it is deductable on my taxes for medical costs so it should be eligible to use my flexible spending on but we will see.


Azmomo2 said...

Have they tried doing the fill under Fluro? I would tell them no more 45 minute trial and error. Drink the barium, stand infront of the fluro and stick you there. That way they can actually see the port and are not going in blind. They should be able to tell if the port is flipped or anything weird too.

Good luck!

MandaPanda said...

I hope this fill goes more smoothly for you!