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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stubborn Weight

So I have made my 10000 steps the last couple of days and really it was not as difficult as I thought---what a big pansy a(*&(
I know I am eating more than I should at around 1500 calories a day...I really think my ideal spot for loosing is around 1200 calories a day, its like anymore than that I just maintain.
I cleaned up my garage the last weekend putting up some shelves and getting my bins up off the floor..so nice that I was able to sweep out the garage and I can now walk around in there with just socks on and not get grossed out---yah!
I am thinking of moving our bbq out of  the garage and put it up on blocks on the back patio---its a huge built in we took from the last house and just have not taken the time to build a bbq in the backyard...partly my fault..I just don't have a vision for my backyard yet.  At one time I wanted a pool but I have kind of given up on that because of water prices up here in Anthem...my water bill(does not include trash) was $380 last summer--more than my electric.  So hubby and I got rid of the grass in the front yard and I have just not been able to part with the grass in the backyard because Johnny loves playing on it...I kind of would like to put some artificial turf back there but again  I need to come up with a vision.
Oh to be able to smoke peyote like an old Indian father and see a vision of what the backyard should look like---HA just kidding!
So back to my subject...stubborn weight.  I am just not dropping any weight...its frustrating.  I go in next week for my second fill...hopefully this one will keep me full longer..ughh


MandaPanda said...

It definitely takes more than 1 fill to get to a good place. Try not being too discouraged. I love grass!!! Just hate watering it. ;)

Azmomo2 said...

New follower here, also in AZ. Banded 3/30/12!

Andrea said...

Good job getting in those 10,000 steps!!!