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Monday, May 14, 2012


Yep another monday and I feel like the weekend flew by.  We had a party at our house on Saturday..we invited a couple families and my mom and hubby over.  I was going to grill hamburgers and hot dogs but the more I thought about it I did not want to be cooking after spending all morning at the waterpark so I order a 4 ft sub sandwhich and then made sides...fruit salad and I made my salsa and chips.  My mom brought over jello poke cake..that was yummy on a hot day..forgot how much I like them.  It was an interesting party..I only was able to eat two bites of sub...um hello no bready for me.  I had a couple bites of pineapple...but I find pineapple also fills me up way fast.  But the sherbert ice cream and cake I had no problem eating but I did limit it to half piece cake and 1/2c sherbert.  and then later that night I had a hot dog---no bread---bad choice I know...bad nighttime munchies....I was so bummed I ate it because otherwise I was pretty good all day.
Next day mothers day, we went to dinner at L o g a n s  S t e a k h o u s e after our mani/pedis(with my mommy) and I had a salad there.  I only ate 1/4 of the salad there....I was too slow they were all done eating and waiting on me so I took the rest home and finished there.  I passed on the bread and the chicken strip appetizers because I knew I would never make it to my salad.
So overall I am ok with the food this weekend..could have been worse.  I DID NOT get in my walking this weekend...for shame.  I only got in 7000 steps on Saturday and 4000 on Sunday such a shame.  It was hot and I didn't feel like walking...I think the only reason I got in  7000 steps was all the cleaning  I did in the morning getting ready for party...mopping/sweeping and vacuuming.
I like the restriction I have and I am trying to make the most of it this week by eating more protein.. I can now see how I could easily not get in enough protein.  Even eating veg's and fruits will fill me up if I eat them first so I am going to make an effort this week to eat more protein.  I swear every fill is like starting over...but I LOVE IT.  I am feeling so intune with my body and I can finally see how this is going to be successful if I use it the right way.  I have my 3rd fill next week and dare I say it, that may be sweet spot for awhile.
On the weight front I am almost back to my 245..right now I am hovering at 248.5 so I am close I think I may hit it by Wednesday....so it will be nice to finally see something lower next week.


MandaPanda said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Eat your protein first. There's more nutrients and water in meat than there is in veggies and fruits. Most people seriously overestimate how much fruit and veg they need. You're doing great!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And Happy Mothers Day to you! (a day late/sorry!!)

However - DO NOT beat yourself up over a hotdog - Paleeez!! You are doing great! I am going in for fill #3 as well next week and it's perfect timing.

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

You sound like you are doing great! I am happy for you! Fun weekend, too.

Momee3021 said...

The Pig is not friendly...neither are the delicious products that it's pretty pink body produces... I almost died on Easter Ham... just the thought of a hot dog terrifies me... LOL!!!!!

Im so jealous of all you girls on your 3rd fill - Im here getting only # 2 on Thursday and I can't wait. I need some restriction and fast. You're doing awesome and you always deserve a little yummy something on Momee's day. Me - I cover the kids in chocolate and kiss them clean but the big one is starting to suspect something is up hahaha xox

tz said...

lovely post. I think it's wonderful that you're feeling more in tune with your hunger and food choices...I can't wait for that