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Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank God for Monday.....

Sometimes the weekend is great and other times your so dang busy you can't wait to relax on Monday.  I am actually more jacked that memorial day weekend is coming and I get some time off!! woot woot!!
We had a BBQ pool party at friends house yesterday..boy the sun can drain you.  I was exhausted afterwards and I really did not do much.  Now Johnny I am not sure how he could walk...he jumped in the pool so many times and got out and swam I was exhausted just watching him!
Food was ok.....evenings are still super hard....I eat too much after 4....hubby ordered pizza and I abstained but he also got wings and I did eat 3...but that was all I could eat so I was pretty amazed at that...thought I had eaten 1/2 a dozen but found out there were only 8 in a box and hubby had the rest...still probably too many calories in those 3
I have my fill tomorrow not sure where he will take me, sitting at 4.0 cc right now so I am thinking he may take me to 5 or 4.5?  Not sure what I can eat after that so it was hard buying groceries and setting myself up this week.  I went with my old standbye....canned chicken.

I really do like the stuff, it fills me fast and keeps me full longer.  I did have salmon last night that was super yummy and I had 2 cheese perogies and a salad...see ate more than 1 cup at that meal..but it was after 4...I open up at that time.
I have been super busy at work so not quite getting my walks in but still managing to keep it at 9000 steps which I am pretty happy with.  Tried to take pic of fountain but didin't make it.
I was suppose to get dog groomed yesterday but the groomer broke down on the freeway..felt bad for her...not sure when she is going to make it back up to my house...
Chickened out on the haircut just got a trim...mainly because she was having a bad day.  She found out she was pregnant(not planned, she is not married or engaged) and she was sick the whole time she was doing my hair...she would leave and go throw up...I was sitting in the chair quite a bit waiting for her.  Then after she colored and cut it she said...I can't bow dry you?  I said what?  She said I am just too sick I will give you $10 off.  I tried to sympathize but I was bummed.  I was going to finish running errands after my haircut but had to go home and finish doing my hair before I went out.  The funny thing was I dropped my last hair stylists because she had a baby and was always changing my appointment because(the baby had a fever, the baby got dropped by big brother had to go to er, she was tired) there was an excuse every time I got my haircut.  I don't mind a cancellation every once in awhile but it was 4 times in a row that I said ENOUGH.  She was great until she had the baby...so I got a new one and now I am thinking this is going to be along the same lines....hubby says I should get a gay hairdresser.....I told him I don't really interview hair dressers like that but I am trying to be patient


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

I feel you on the hair stylist! We have lived here 3 years and I just found someone who doesn't charge me like we live in NYC, but does a good job. I think that profession just seems to attract some lulus. (No offense to you very sane, well adjusted hair stylists out there...I know you exist, I just can't find you!)

MandaPanda said...

I think a lot of people go into that line of work for the flexibility so I'm not surprised. A friend of mine (hairdresser) cut back to just 2 days a week while she was pregnant and then stopped working altogether a few months after she had the baby because it was "just too much." *sigh*

Ronnie said...

I'm so lucky that none of my hairstylists so far have had that problem, but then again I usually go with older ladies than myself, not the PYT's. lol

I hear you on eating after 4:00... that's when I have the majority of my problems. Sigh. I think the bands really do open up after a certain point during the day, I never really thought about that, but it makes sense!

Ronnie said...

By the way, I have no idea how I wasn't following you, but I am now. :)

Sarah said...

Good luck trying to find someone new to style your hair! I'd have been bummed too. And the smell of vomit makes me ....well... vomit! Icky!