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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.)  I was down another pound today on the scale...holy cow that is awesome!
2.)  Wonder when my eyes will be the same as my stomach?  I still seem to take more food than I can eat and pack more than I can eat.  Not really a problem...just don't want to waste food
3.) TANG is my new evil....way to much sugar but man oh man I forgot how great it tastes...I sampled at costco awhile back with my son and he said GET THAT IT TASTES GREAT!

4.)  My fountain outside is almost ready for me to turn on...can't wait..its been sitting back there for 2 years waiting for someone to buy it a new pump and put caulking around it to seal it.   It takes 7-14 days to seal so I am almost at 7 days........will post a pic. Its a ball bubbler all made of concret.
5.) My grass is almost green....I had to spray weed be gone because there was actually more weeds than grass...after I killed the weeds I had to seed and now I am getting close to having it all filled in....boy yardwork is hardwork.
6.) I am getting my hair colored and cut on Saturday...its getting long and I like it, I just don't like it in 107 degrees...I always seem to where it up.
7.) Need to get Johnny either a scooter or new bike.  His bike right now is just too small...looks like a clown riding a small bike.  Not sure which one he would use more...
8.) My mom is all but shoving chicken eggs down my throat.  Her chickens are now laying 20 eggs a day...there is only so many eggs you should eat without worrying about cholesterol.  Must boil 3 dozen tonight to make them last longer without going bad.
9.) Anyone heard of a dutch baby....?  I just love them you make them in your oven about 4 eggs, some milk and a stick of butter(?must be good right).  I just LOVE those things but I am trying to avoid making it because of the butter and probably would get stuck.
10.) Must work enough play


Sarah G said...

Dutch babies don't get stuck, at least not for me. I do love them and they are a reminder of my Nana. My recipe has flour in it too which boosts the calories to the moon unfortunately. :) Moderation!

Jen said...

Yahoo for the lb lost!! You are doing so well!
I've never heard of Dutch babies.. what are they?
This heat is going to be miserable huh?? I contemplate cutting off all of my hair too b/c of it! Take some pics so we can see how cute you look!

RockBand Barbie said...

Never heard of a Dutch baby...but it sounds good.

My eyes are STILL always bigger than my stomach. At least I have learned to throw food away without feeling guilty about it :)

MandaPanda said...

I'm getting my daughter a skateboard for her birthday. Oyvey!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Hi there! Try Syntrax Nectar Why if you like tang. A lot of people say it tastes similar. I know several low carbers that make a version of the dutch baby which to my understanding is like a pancake. Instead of the milk they use heavy cream and then add things like splenda and flavored syrups. I don't know if it's the same thing but they rave about it. Congrats on the weight loss too!

Reggie said...

I am interested in hearing more about Dutch babies. Never heard of them.