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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Seems like forever since I participated in this ---thanks Laura Bell!

1.) I have gotten in over 10000 steps now for 4 days in a row----may move to 15000 steps next week...MAYBE
2.) I have not lost anything....holy crap ola!
3.) I keep posting replies to peoples blogs using AMEN and SISTA...really what is up with that?
4.) The Waterslides open up at our community center this weekend...yeah!!! I love going to the pool
5.) I have only 5 shirts I really can wear and 3 pairs of pants...with the god awful muffin top....WILL I EVER GET RID OF THAT THING! amen sista!
6.)  I need another pair of converse tennis shoes...I just love them...I have a pink pair and now want a navy pair

7.)  I guess we are not going to ND to visit my cousins this summer...not enough vacation left since I had to have 2 surgeries this year and may need my gall bladder out at the end of year...super bummed about it...but still going to BOOBs
8.)  Its getting real hot hear...almost 100 yet the evenings are still kinda a cool so its not bad.
9.)  Our community has concert fridays at the park and they are fun to bring a cooler and chair and sit outside under the stars and listen to music and gab with the neighbors.
10.)  Our neighbors told us they are short selling their home and moving and that is a super bummer because we enjoy hanging with them and our boys shoot nerf guns at each other from our balconies...super bummed


Andrea said...

Good job on all those steps!!

Our community pool opens up at the end of this month and I'm so excited. I love going up there.

I'm so glad I will get to meet you in Chicago this year!

Elizabeth said...

Yes - it is getting hot here..... :) ohhh Arizona!

Rachel said...

Yay steps!!! xxx