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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

trying to be a bander

So my nutrionist wants me to try to practice life like a bander.  No drinking while eating, make my meals last 30 minutes by chewing everything 30 times, take a vitamin everyday, eat protein first, limit carbs and no caffeine.
Well I have been working on weening myself off caffeine...yikes thats hard when you are an addict like me--96 ounces a day.  i have managed to drop down to some of my caffeine intake but my headaches are preventing me from dropping anymore. 
I have tried the no drinking while eating and THAT is hard.  This month he suggested I drink right up until I take my first bite and then stop drinking.  I will admit that is easier but I am still thirsty while eating especially if I am trying to make my meal stretch to 30 min..(more on that in a minute) I had to eliminate hot spicy foods because that automatically makes we want to take a drink.  Wow. This is going to take a rewire of the brain.  I do really well at breakfast but lunch and dinner are another story.  I have not had a successful meal yet.
Ok so on to streching out my meal to 30 minutes...I timed my first meal..making sure I chewed everything well and ate a balanced meal...took me 10 minutes(and I thought I was streching it out) apparently I am a shoveler and I don't realize how quickly I eat my food.  So rather than feeling like a failure I am going to slowly try to increase my time.  I am not sure how I am going to make it to 30 minutes...my food is cold by then?
Chew 30 times...seriously I chew about 15 -20 times and I can't help but swallow it feels like it is going to go down on its own.  Smaller bites are helping to and I am using smaller silverware.
Vitamins...doc said I could take flintstones vitamins because I hate taking the big horse pills they call vitamins for adults...they give me heartburn and hurt going down.  I seriously forget to take them some days.  It never even enters my mind until the next day.  So I am managing to get vitamins every other day....some success?
So I do feel like a band failure and I am not even banded yet.  I guess this gives me more execuses to practice practice practice.


mdlapband said...

Get a couple of those small pill vials, fill them with flinstones and put them in different places. Put one in your purse, put one in the silverware drawer. That way you'll run across the vitamins throughout the day and have more of a chance of taking them. You're supposed to take vitamins with food so they will have something to bind to. Buut I'm guessing it's better to take them, than to not take them. I do a really bad job of taking my vitamins too! So just put them all over the place until you start remembering!

OR - My nutritionist gave me samples of Bariatric Choice Vitamins and they have some really good flavors... Just wanting a sweet little treat might motivate you to remember. Maybe try treating it like dessert. I mean who forgets Dessert?

Also - get yourself off of caffeine at least a week before surgery. The week before you can't take any advil tylenol or excedrin. UGGGh!

Oh - one last thing - I think it's a good point the dr is making about living like you have a band right now... but I also think it's wierd. I can't even begin to explain how different everything feels when you actually have the band. Last week if i took too big of a sip of water the gas pain and the bloated feeling made me never want to do that again. Just feel good about the fact that these things he's trying to get you to do now,are WAY easier when you have some restriction.

jennxaz said...

I like your idea of putting my vitamins all over the place...because I do think of them when they are not around...