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Thursday, December 29, 2011

obesity as a child

So I have been thinking a lot to how I started to become overweight.  It really started when my mom and dad got divorced when I was 7 I started to steal money from my dads night table to buy candy from the vending machine.  My mom was a total organic 70's girl.  She ironed her hair made my clothes, made everything from scratch. We never ate out.  She would cook healthy meals.  Which controlled my weight for the most part until I could drive.  My first job...dairy queen..bad choice.  When I was able to drive I would go through drive-thru's daily and get french fries or a quick bite before I came home.  I kind of felt deprived and sheltered.  We were poor which is another reason we did not go eat out.  I began to think when I made money I would eat out all the time...which we all know is bad for you...but at the time I associated it with having more money...crazy thinking.  So I continued to reward my good behavior with food.  I was also on a diet from 7 on.  I remember my grandma always telling me I had such a pretty face it was a shame I couldn't be thinner.  Man that was hard to hear at my young age.  I also developed faster than anyone else.  I have this ballet picture and when I was 7 and I was the tallest girl in class and later I was the first to get a bra...I hated the attention.  Its funny because I am only 5'4 so I just seemed to quit growing in high school
This all leads me to raising my own child.  How do I ensure he does not grow up fat?  My mom tried her best by making all these wholesome foods yet I always felt "deprived" because my friends would go to Mcdonalds and Sizzler and such...weird.
I am trying to teach my child moderation.  There is nothing I really forbid him from having but I do try to teach him to exercise daily(I think that was more my problem, my mom worked 3 jobs so I was home alone a lot in front of the tv)  I have johnny in two sports, he always gets to choose the sports but that keeps him busy 3 or 4 days a week(game and practice each) and then there are play dates at the park.
Where I fail..,.,.we don't eat at the table as a family.  I work 5:30-2 and my husband 9-6 so that we can do pickup and drop off for johnny without paying for before/after care.  This means that I am home alone with johnny until 7 and so its just him and I for dinner.  We don't always sit down at the dinner table sometimes we eat dinner watching a movie, sometimes we eat outside picnic style...love arizona for that.  I really need to work on more of a routine, but sometimes I feel like a single mom and I don't make a big fuss around dinner.
Hey a new years resolution...make dinner more of a family time even if its just johnny and I.
Try to make more of a balanced meal(need more vegetables).
Anyway I am done babbling....I did successfully get my vitamin in yesterday and we went to the movie and I only had a diet coke no popcorn or candy.  Saw New Years Eve...thought it was great!  Felt like a dirty old woman because Zac Ephron is just plain HOT.

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