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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Did I really just eat all that?

Ok, I had a tough time today.  Started off with Brunch with prime rib, bacon, eggs, french toast then off for spaghetti with hot italian sausage and french bread....oh and the two slices of pecan pie...OMG I have the pig snout on and need to take it off.  I think I stress ate today,  it is a lot to put up with my family and my husbands....everyones friendly and nice but it takes work...and I am exhausted.  Don't get me wrong though I totally enjoyed my day.  Junior started with making us all eat brains and barf from his new Dr. Zombie lab kit....ewe such a boy.  Then there were nerf wars and remote control hover crafts and remote control cars and bigfoot.  Ahhh you got to love boys and my husband and his brothers and the grandpapas all had a blast reliving there childhood.
So tomorrow is a new day...I am going to try to get it right tomorrow.

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