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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home alone...and Resolutions!

I find it harder to stay on track when I am at home all day.  I don't know how stay at home moms do it!  I mean really, its so easy to graze through the cubbards.  It made me think of it because I am home all this week off of work and I was wondering what I could make hmmmm brownies, cookies...pie.  I need to find some good low-calorie recipe to make.  I was on one of the blogs I follow and she was listing out some great liquid recipes...pumpkin pie protein shakes, cream soup and they look really good.  I copied down the recipe so that I can try it during my pre-op liquid 2 weeks.  I am not sure how I am going to make it through those 2 weeks without getting bored with what I am eating I mean drinking.

I think I am going to go thru my cubbards and clean out the food and try to replace it with some better choices this week.  I am one of those people that like to "spring clean" for the new year.  I like to deep clean the house and straighten up everything to get a fresh start on the new year.  It makes me feel ready to start the new year without baggage.  I.E nagging in my head that I need to clean the pantry or go thru the file cabinet, or my closet.

Resolutions anyone?  My hottie husband asked me if I have any new years resolutions...mmm.lose wieght...oh yeah I make and break that every year. This year hopefully it sticks.  I would like to ride my bike...without making the tire go flat!  I would like to exercise more...I have an clothes rack  I mean eliptical machine I should start using.  Maybe I will make a resolution to use that twice a week.  Last year I made a resolution to recycle more.  I will say that I did a pretty good job of that this year.  I actually set out the recycle garbage can this year with stuff in it almost every week.  Didn't use it at all in 2010.  What should I shoot for this year....hmmmm


mdlapband said...

I feel the same way at home!!! When I'm by myself it's like the calories don't count or something. But, the band is seriously helping. I feel really good and full all the time :) I didn't realize you had a blog and I'm excited to follow you and go through this together!

jennxaz said...

yea---I love reading your blog mdlapband..you always have such great tips and it will be fun to go through this journey together!!!