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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Didn't gain as much as I thought....

So I have been dreading going to my second month supervised diet appointment.  I really thought I packed on the weight this month but surprise only 3 lbs.  Up to 261.  I am going to call my dietician Green Bean(GB) because he is tall and thin.  GB thought I did great for the holidays and coming off the HCG diet.  He wants me to shoot for 2 lb loss next month.  I CAN DO IT!  He also found out I used to run and asked me to think about doing the PF changs next year.  I really think that would be cool to do and a real goal to try to shoot for.  I told him I would only do another 1/2 marathon if I was under 200lbs...he told me no problem I may even hit goal by then....that made me stutter...I really hadn't thought about the fact that next year at this time I will very likely be under 200 lbs.  Thats CRAZY, but exciting.
So my final weigh in is next month January 25.  I have my EGD scheduled for January 26th and then my insurance paperwork will be sent in right after my 25th appointment.  Its getting close and I seriously can't wait.  GB thinks I will probably have surgery beginning of February because AETNA is pretty easy to get the paperwork through and approval back.  My PCP only sent my records for 2009 not 2008,2010 or 2011...not sure why guess I have to call them and get on their asses.
On a totally side note, I have a work teammate I just can not stand. He smacks his food, tries to get me in trouble whenever he can and pretty much listens to my conversations and phone calls...Well he is gone for 2 weeks!!!!! yeah peace and quiet.  So glad I don't have to see smacker until next year.
Peace Out!

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