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Sunday, December 18, 2011

starting again....

OK, I am suppose to be doing my 3 month supervised diet and feel like such a failure...so I am starting again..right now.  I weigh in Thursday so maybe I can control any further gain this week and try to finish in a good place.  I went grocery shopping and set myself up for success.  I am dreading a lecture from my dietician but I guess I deserve it.  I want this to be successful, I don't want him thinking I am doomed to fail!  Ugh!

On another note, went to the mall today...what recession?  The mall was packed and it just reinforced why I hate shopping...people are rude. Shoving, cutting in line, walking into you...seriously, Its just as bad as buying a car in my book.

Johnny counted the gifts under the tree and found another one..so cute.  He is so excited for Christmas and tries to bribe me every night to just open 1...I remember doing that as a kid.  His four year old AWE at everything is refreshing.  I had him paint ornaments yesterday and he had a blast..they are true keepers and I plan on saving them forever. 

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