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Thursday, December 29, 2011

10 things Thursday Virgin!

So Drazil stated in her blog how she is a Thursday virgin no more...well this is my first random 10 things thursday so here we go

1.) I met a new mom friend and we had another play date today...it was so much fun to hang out with someone besides me and the crazy 4 year old...I mean adult convo...I am hoping she is not crazy like the last one.  Background on last mom friend......I don't make friends easy but since having only one child I new I needed to branch out and meet more moms so that my child had more kids to play with that required me to leave my comfort zone.  So the soccer coaches wife seemed cool young and fun to hang with so I started to go to movies and she and her kids would come over for lunch or swimming.  Turns out she used to be a stripper(really I had no idea...should of cause she was awesome at zumba) now my guy friends said I should have ran then because did I know any stripper that was not crazy...umm no I just don't know any strippers.  Well 2 months into it she od on her meds tried to kill herself and dropped her kids off at my house for the weekend while she checked into hospital...yes my mouth was hanging open that whole weekend...needless to say I had to "break up" with her I couldn't handle all the drama..wow I have 9 more....
2.) I work downtown Phoenix and there is always something crazy going on. I try to go for a walk during lunch everyday and there is always something I post on my facebook over my walks.  Crackheads shooting up in allies, homeless man pooping on building, whistled at by construction workers(I liked it, I really did)...
3.) I work from home sometimes and don't shower all day...just stay in my pj's and bunny slippers.  I do love being a software engineer.
4.) I am 1/4 eskimo....I actually get checks from the government......
5.) My eskimo grandma ran away when my dad was 3 I have never met her.
6.) I used to own a jet ski and actually would go jet skiing just about everyday after work...my hottie husband doesn't like the water so I don't go anymore and sold my awesome kawasaki ultra 150 8 years ago when I married him
7.) When I was pregnant with my one and only I accidently farted on the doctor when she was checking my cervix...her bangs flew up in the air from wind...I kid you not...I wanted to die.
8.) I am an only child and only grand child.
9.) My husbands dad and grandfather are retired cops.  My dad is a convicted felon who just got out of jail 7 years ago..and it was the best thing for him.
10.) My great grandfather changed his last name when he moved here from Norway.

Thats about it hope I made someone laugh!

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