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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap!

What a beautiful weekend.  It was nice a cool(88 degrees max high and low of 63) I did get a walk in everyday this weekend..took the pooch and Johnny.  Managed to keep my steps at 10000..didn't quite hit 15000 but that's OK I kept pretty active all day.

Saturday birthday party was OK, no real drama.  Which made me happy and Johnny happy!

My hubby spent all day yesterday at his grandparents helping his grandma out because his grandpa was sick.  So Johnny and I went to my moms and visited, played with the chickens and road on the atv's

I really kind of got bummed with some Facebook messages of some of my "friends"..they seem to always be so doom and gloom and never really anything positive...I say some because not all my "friends" are like that.  And I will admit that the little sayings that people re-post get a little old.  I really like Facebook to keep in touch with people and not for them to send me quotes of the day from someone else...just me personally...it seems like more garbage to sift through.

I managed to stay off the scale all weekend, I think my food has been OK  I do notice that my calorie consumption went up on the weekend than during the week but it still stayed within my 1200 mark.  I really tried to get my water in too and I definitely did a better job at that.

I loved seeing the pics from the other AZ banders for the neon color run they did on Saturday, they all looked so cute and seemed like they had a fabulous time.  I did not join in because I will be honest--night time runs just don't interest me when they are far from my house.  I know when night time comes around, I am not going to want to head out there (it was over an hour from my house) and I really wouldn't want to drive home after.    But I wish there was a star trek portal I could have used because the camaraderie was missed!


speck said...

Facebook is a funny thing. I use it more than I thought I would to stay in contact with family/friends.

Those political rants are hilarious. I just ignore and get on scrolling! lol

You sound like you are doing great in the weight department. Hell, I keep thinking about it too....I know you want that money AGAIN!

Miss ya girl.


Elizabeth said...

I have Facebook to look at others baby pics! I also don't really like seeing what everyone else likes (quotes, etc.) although, i occasionally like the quotes lol!

The race was fun! I hear you though - it got to about 4 and I almost wanted to bail! it was insanely packed!

Amy said...

Please consider joining The Color Run in January. It is in the daylight, sista! Neon was fun, but I managed to bite the dust 2 minutes from the start line and scraped up my elbow and knee :( Daylight will be better in Jan!

MandaPanda said...

I agree with Amy...I hope you'll join in on the Color Run!

I feel the same about facebook...kind of done with it.

Sounds like a nice weekend :)