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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Got my glasses

Well they came in and I am wearing them sometimes....I know should probably wear more often but its hard to get used to....feels weird having something on my face

So family life is not the greatest...don't want to drag on about it.  I am really struggling.  Hubby hasn't drank since the incident I came home to.  At AA they call it a relapse.  I am totally nervous about my Ellen trip...even though I am only gone for 24 hours.  I have his AA buddies saying they will check on him and we have a plan that we have layed out, so I guess here comes my faith..which I have been praying about seems like every hour.

Not sure if I mentioned but I had a broken dishwasher, fridge and washing machine when I got back from Chicago.  We were nursing them along so I kind of expected them to go.  I am still waiting on the maintenance man to fix them.  He is scheduled to come this Thursday.  I guess I live pretty far up north here in Phoenix and I have had 2 maintenance guys cancel on me...which is why it has taken this long to get someone to fix it.  Also garage door broke yesterday, but I got a guy to come out same day and that is now working.  I have this maintenance plan American.Home.Shield that you pay a monthly fee for and then when something breaks you just call them and pay $60 and someone will come fix it.  I haven't used it all year but I am getting my moneys worth this month!  I will feel so much better when I am not washing dishes everyday and using my fridge in the garage.  I have been making hubby go wash clothes at his buddies house so that hasn't bothered me too much.

I haven't worked out.  With hubby going to all his meetings there hasn't been anytime and I will admit I haven't made time.  I will soon but not sure when.  Luckily stress for me does great things about eating.  I can tell I am losing weight.  Tomorrow is weigh in day and I think it will be a loss and right now that is all I am hoping for.


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

that's a lot. don't forget yourself in all of it. You matter!

Sarah G said...

First of all I love your glasses!!

When it rains it poors, huh? So sorry you're having to deal with all this stuff all at once. Positive thoughts your hubby won't relapse again. ((hugs))

Take care of you!!

adorkbl said...

Hang in there girly. ((hugs))

Lurve the glasses. You look like a hawt sexy CEO in them. Rawr.

sorry about all the disrepair going on in the house... hope those lazy repairmen make it up your way and get things humming along soon.

Wish I could join you at Helen!! Have fun!!

RockBand Barbie said...

Beautiful in those glasses :)

You have so much on you right now. Wish I could just throw my arms around you and squeeze tight. I'm glad you have a plan in place for when you go to Ellen, but it sure does suck that you needed a plan. Have tons of fun at Ellen :)

Jen said...

you do look sexy mama in those glasses!

Let's forget our troubles for 24 hours in LA..


Catherine55 said...

I love the glasses! I have a pair that is very similar -- love that shape!

So sorry to hear about your husband's relapse while you were in Chicago. But, he was sober for two whole years in a row, which is still a great achievement, and one to build on. It's probably good to have an opportunity now for him to get back some of your trust. I hope that he'll do really well during your short trip.

Great meeting you in Chicago. :)

Catherine55 said...

P.S. LOL re "Homecoming Queen!"

Jules said...

You're adorable! I've been thinking about you and praying for peace for you.

Truly sucks when so many appliances go out at once, I've been there. Probably because I bought everything new the same year.

Still SO envious about your Ellen trip!! I hope you have so much fun and leave all the home thoughts at the door when you leave your house.

Love you!

Momee3021 said...

I love them and I miss you!!! xoxox