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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Old Woman here....I need glasses

Last Week 212
This Week 211
Total Loss 1 lb

I forgot to weigh in yesterday so I am a day late.  But hey, I will take that 1lb loss considering I was on vacation and there was food and drinking!

I loved all the support and emails, texts and comments from you guys.  You warmed my heart, really.  Today is a better day.

I found out I missed my depo shot the end of August so I have to go in for a pregnancy test before they give me another depo shot..actually they are requiring two tests in the next 2 weeks.  Can't believe I forgot for over a month..oops..wish my doc sent a reminder.

So when I was in Chicago I had a hard time reading text messages.  I have been in denial lately that my eyesight is going because then I would have to admit...I am getting older.  I always had awesome vision but lately when I read at night the letters get blurry.  So I enlarged my font on my reader..but then it has now affected my text reading.  I made an eye appointment a couple weeks ago and found out that its really just my left eye that is deteriorating the right eye is perfect vision.  She said I could just get 1.25+ readers but I find they give me a headache...so I went in and picked out some frames...they should be in Friday..YIKES.  Picking out frames WAS HARD.  I wish I had some of you girls with me to help me know what looks good.  I will post pic when I get them.

I got a new monitor at work it is 22inches..my last one was 17 so this is quite nice...and great for my poor eyesight! LOL!

I have not exercised all week...I am surprised I lost weight.  I am still not trusting at home to leave Johnny so I haven't gone yet.  I will get there, I promise..just not ready yet.  I have been watching my diet though, very strict with that and as Ronnie and MandaPanda have said losing weight is really 90% diet.

I will say SPECK had glasses in Chicago and looked really cute in them, actually she rocked them and gave me courage to order mine, now if only I can look as good as she does in a pair!


speck said...

I was going to tell you that I would give you my glasses but I broke them in Chicago!

I started with readers about 7 years(welcome to the 40's!) ago at 1.0 strength...today it's more like1.75!(just trying to give you some encouragement!)HA

Hot flashes are next!

Love ya. Post pictures when you get the new glasses.


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Check out zennioptical or zenni.com? They sell cheap glasses and I always get myself 3 or 4 pair to try and see what I like and change it up! :)

Jen said...

there is a site called warbyparker.com and they'll send you like 4 or 5 samples of glass frames to try on.. you could take pictures and we could all vote! doesn't that sound fun?? ha!

I need to get some new specs as well.. especially since I might not have insurance in about 2 months!!!


adorkbl said...

you will get used to having glasses. I LOVE frames and look forward to adding new pairs with leftove rFSA funds. :) I bet they will look spectacular on you. :)

Cheri said...

I got glasses when I was 5 years old. Does that make you feel younger? ;-)

Harmony said...

Way to go on the loss. Every little bit helps.

I am glad to see today is a better day.

RockBand Barbie said...

I actually have glasses but I never wear them. It annoys me to have something on my face. And I don;t think you look old at all...I think you're pretty dang hot :)

Leigh C. said...

I already wore glasses/contacts and had to get bi-focal contacts in may. I'm an even older woman! I wear bi-focals:)

Momee3021 said...

Im with Jen - try some on and send photos... I vote for the naughty librarian look... its really 'in' with the computer nerd crowd - you'll be the hottest chick in the office with your new bod and glasses. LOL :P