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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In......Loss--score!

Weigh in day.....

Last week 208
This week 206
Total 2 lbs

I am so thrilled with another 2 lbs loss.  I was worried because I indulged a bit in California and I was hoping that would not affect my weigh in this week.  I got in more exercise last night and did a bit of texting again with MandaPanda!  Love that we remind each other about exercising and I love how she is preparing for her warrior dash...I really want to do that some day.

I finally got my invite to BirchBox....I got the idea from Elizabeth (inside vs outside the journey to make them match) where you get a sample box of products to use for $10.  I can't wait!

I also need to send SPeck money for the weight loss challenge she has going on from now to Thanksgiving...challenges are what keep me motivated and give me goals.  Without goals the motivation is not as strong.

I have to set up my fantasy football lineup this week after losing last week to really Phillip Rivers and his sucky playing against the broncos...damn Drew Brees and his bye last week.

I got in a little more water yesterday...not much more but another 20oz...I think that means I got in 68oz's not including coffee---16 oz...which some people say negate the water---oops.  I am shootting for 80oz today we will see if I can do it.  My steps have been pretty good around 15000 steps a day I have been averaging.  With it cooler now I take a quick break at work and go for a walk..this has pushed me up from 10000 steps to 15000 which I think is awesome..thats around 5 miles a day.

Doing some new stuff at work using an Agile Scrum development methodology which has me doing research and reading up how to do it.  Its a little stressful but nice and challenging and the day flies by.


Chris said...

Get that water in!

I'm a CSM (certified scrum master) - which doesn't really mean much more than "I took a day-long class" - but my workplace is trying to be more Agile. To us, it mainly comes down to shortening the project cycle and marking major milestones - not 'true' Agile, but at least better than the waterfall traditional method we had been using. Good luck!

MandaPanda said...

I have no idea what a scrum is...

I love texting you too...it makes me feel so loved! :)

Great job on the exercise and improvement in water. So many steps too!

adorkbl said...

Congrats on the loss!! Way to go. :)

FitBy40 said...

New follower here! I just found you because we're both doing the fall weight loss challenge.
Best of luck!