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Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 things thursday

1.  I love how cool it is here in the morning and I am going to work outside this am as soon as the light comes up...I start work at 5:30 and the sun just isn't up until 7:00 ish
2.  Why must I try the envelope of pasta.  I tried a lean cuisine thai pasta dish and it got stuck.  duh.  I will say I have been pretty bold lately.  Had jumbalaya in LA with rice and it went down no problem  If I take my time and follow rules I can eat pretty much anything... but not pasta...duh duh duh
3.  My dog is stinky and needs a bath...I hate giving dogs a bath..I always end up smelling like them.  He is a shitzu and I normally take him to a groomers every month but I was going to let his hair grow a little longer now that it is cooler....but I don't think I can take it. any. longer.  I saw an episode of Housewives where the lady got in the bath and shower with her dog..it grossed me out.
4.  When will I stop getting acne...seriously I am 42..and I still get zits..its so embarrassing.
5.  My car needs a good wash...I can't even remember the last time I cleaned it...I am sensing a dirty theme here.
6.  My floors need a good vacuum
7.  I am still struggling getting in my water...I am aware..I am not as successful as I want to be
8.  My Story telling at work sessions are pretty successful..but slow.  It is a lot of work.
9.  I love reading blogs...its such an addiction that I enjoy doing almost every morning.
10.  I am glad its Thursday I want the weekend to be here already!


MandaPanda said...

I told Hubby when we get a dog, I'm all about taking it to a groomer...can't handle pet baths.

I love blogs too!

Harmony said...

Good reminder...I need to make appointments to get my dogs groomed...and wash my car...I think we have the same theme.

Jen said...

I will not wash my dogs.. that is reserved for Petsmart to handle!!

I went out at lunch and actually said, "wow, it feels so nice out here"!! super excited it is finally cooling down!

JRD said...

Yeah, I specifically chose a short coat dog - she gets a bath every 3 months from me, and it takes about 10 mins. But I don't get in with her - thats NASTY! Sounds like you're singing my tune, sister - my house is bordering on disaster...I should try to avert it now. I feel your pain! I can't wait for the weekend either! xo

FitBy40 said...

I still get major acne, like a darn teenager!
I always say there's something wrong when I'm buying acne cream and wrinkle cream for the same face!
Now, go drink a glass of water!

Leigh C. said...

I also love blogs...and sadly still get zits...and I'm 42!!!! Wait, did I write this post?

Amy said...

I have three dogs and wash 'em all myself in the shower. They're 99% inside dogs, so the shower thing doesn't gross me out. They're never "dirty" - I just like 'em smelling all freshy and stuff. :)

DiZneDiVa said...

My Dog needs a bath too.... Thanx for the reminder. He hates the wetness so it is always a lot of fun.