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Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Plans...birthday party with Psycho

So I was putting lotion on my legs and felt my bone on the front of my calves..not sure what bone that was but I realized how thin my legs are getting...that is so cool.  I put on my size 14 skinny jeans today and just feel great---skinny day!  I love waking up and feeling good about my weight.  I want to celebrate..not with cake mind you :)

I got my water in big time yesterday, around 80 oz lets see if I can do it again today.

I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow...its my friend Jay's boys birthday.  Oh boy..I haven't seen Athena since the whole debacle at our house.  I hesitated even going but as my hubby says this is for Braedon(jays son) and Johnny to grow up knowing each other because lets face it Jay is my closest friend and its important our sons get to know each other now that we all live back here in Phoenix together again.  Johnny did ask me to be nice and not make Athena mad...that made me a little sad that he thinks I caused the pyscho to run from our house screaming but he is too young for me to explain it to him so I said I would be on my best behavior.  Plus its outside at a splash pad so I should be able to steer clear of her for the most part and just hang with Jay and his family....bet you can't wait for that recap!

Not much of anything else this weekend.  Taking the pooch in for a cleaning and doing the normal household chores.  Got the vacuuming done yesterday(hubby did some and I did some) and I plan on washing the car this weekend.  I may get in some organized exercise or I may just try to do a walk with the family each day...I would like to take the dog out as well for some exercise(he is getting a little chunky :)

Oh and I got some new fingernail polish  that I am excited to try..I also want to get some army green color too but haven't found the shade I like yet!


Anna said...

Thanks for following! I'm a new follower of yours as well. And that brown polish? Swoon!

Harmony said...

Skinny Minnie!

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Hope the party isnt to awkward!!! So proud of you tiny lady!! love the polish!! Essie has a good fall green!

Cheri said...

You are too sweet to tell your son you will be on your best behavior...lol. Hope it is uneventful!

FitBy40 said...

oh boy, now I have to read back and find the story about psycho!
Good luck at the party.

adorkbl said...

Love the nailpolish color. Hate that Johnny thinks you mad crazy bitch mad. And just want to say you suck for bailing on the 5K.

Vanessa said...

Size 14 and feeling sassy! AWESOME!!!

Momee3021 said...

Im just catching up on the blogs today and had to go back a few days. Im trying but hubs is away and its like mutiny on the bounty around here Im shocked I didn't wake up tied up and gaged LOL. So I will comment on a few here at once...
1. Hot sexy size 14.
2. Love the polish
3. Put on your best 'you're the crazy bitch - not me" smile and have fun with the kiddies.
4. You never drink enough water - its ok
5. Dont eat anything in a pouch
6. You rock that boobie bit thing but be careful you're going to set it and your girls on fire.
7. I miss you so much
8. What is a cold morning in AZ?
9. Bathing with your dog is wrong for a number of reasons.
10. IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leigh C. said...

LOVE the 14 skinny jeans:) And the nail polish is not too shabby either. I admire your moxy to try different colours. I on the other hand am strictly French Manicure! Have a fantabulous weekend:)

Amy said...

hope the party goes ok! :) congrats on the jeans!