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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Last Week 193.5
This Week 193.0
Total loss 0.5

Not much, in fact I didn't think I had lost anything till I pulled up last weeks post.  So I am actually quite thrilled I was down 1/2 lb

I will admit I was hoping for more.  I was point on eating and got in some exercise..oh well better luck next week.

So I took some pics of my saggy skin.....lets just say...Nobody wants or needs to see that hot mess..  I am not sure what I was thinking in taking the pictures and then possibly posting them.  I mean really, you can all guess and imagine that its not pretty why put a visual out there....I will admit I did not delete the  pics...now I kind of want to compare them in about 2-3 months and see if I notice any difference.  Maybe when I turn into a skinny minny I will post these babies, but I highly doubt it.

Not much going on today, making turkey spaghetti tonight(I don't do noodles but plan on dipping a few melba toasts into it)  Hubby informed me to save some sauce for him without the meat...he hates my meaty sauce..he is more of a tomato smooth sauce---that is boring to me..I like chunky spaghetti sauce...so chunky it passes the fork stand up test...I also fill it full of vegetables...guess to each there own.  I will try to take a pic of that and show you all tomorrow..although I am working from home tomorrow so you may not see it until Friday!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

You all are braver than I am...I don't even want to see the pictures of my loose skin!!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

A loss is a loss is a loss girl! I posted before pics before I had my tummy tuck and it nearly killed me. LOL

Connie O said...

That's another 1/2 lb. in the right direction! You'll definitely have an even better week--if not next week, then soon.

tz said...

I like to pour my spaghetti over steamed broccoli...I don't even miss the pasta

and how do you not like the meaty sauce?

1/2 lb down better than 1/2 lb up...you're doing great.

Terrie said...

down is down!! Another 1/2 pound forever gone!!

I'm with you hubby on this one. I don't like meat in my sauce AT ALL.

We are our own worst critics, I doubt it is nearly as bad as you think.

Banded Strong said...

Good job! Congrats!! I like seeing the comparison pictures too.

Elizabeth said...

You are rocking it my dear :) I love zucchini with some meaty spaghetti sauce!!

Leigh C. said...

Your spaghetti sauce almost sounds like a chili. I also love chunky sauce. Save those pictures. Even if it's just for you. You'll appreciate them when your each goal:)