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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day in my belly

Its amazing how calm I am when I have my meals and snacks planned out.  Things just go smoother and I don't badger and stress over food.  It takes the guess work out and makes it easier making choices.  So why can't I do it every weekend.  I can I just need to make it a priority.

Food was on point

nonfat yogurt

turkey chili--1 cup

salad splurged with some blue cheese dressing

No snacking was needed.  I was full and satisfied all day

nonfat yogurt

turkey chili 1 cup


edamame if I need it

Exercise....still not at gym..but walking.

Work is crazy busy right now.  I work a full day at office and then come home and put in another couple of hours.  I am really trying to get down SQL Server

Got Johnnys report card...must work with him on boundaries(invading others space).  Interrupting and basically just controlling his body and tongue!  Nothing on there was a surprise, just reinforced I need to be more consistent in my parenting.

Watch Biggest Loser last night...fell asleep at 8 so I missed the weigh ins...must watch it tonight.  I was shocked with all the childhood obesity statistics.  One big one, 75% of parents do not know there child is overweight.  Wow!


JRD said...

Oh lady, you're singing my song - when you plan it out, it takes the stress out of everything! And the best part is, when you get into it on a weekly basis, you don't have to prep EVERYTHING every week, you'll have stuff left over from last week, and you'll be able to just roll it over...it makes my life SO much easier. Failing to plan is planning to fail...keep up the great work!!

Leigh C. said...

I can't do Biggest Loser. Way too unrealistic for the average person. Who can work out all day and afford a nutritionist?

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

When you fail to plan you plan to fail! Planning is what gets me through...I can always tell when I'm in a bad spot because I STOP.

Ronnie said...

You don't eat enough! =P