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Friday, January 18, 2013

Exercise good.. Food Good!

I did the elliptical for 30 min yesterday...went 1.5miles  kept my heart rate from 150-165  a little less in the beginning and jumped to 174 right at the end so I averaged around 150-165 which is good for 30min..sad it was only only 30.  I told myself lets go for 10 then when I hit 10 I said I can hit 20, when I hit 20 I said lets go for 30..when I hit 30 I couldn't talk to myself anymore and I was dripping sweat!  You know what..I felt great when I was done.  I also did it in the AM because I worked from home yesterday and it was great knowing all day that my exercise was done for the day.

Johnny is sick.  Picked him up from school yesterday and his voice was almost gone. His eyes were drooping and he was quiet...really...not .... himself.  Poor guy.  I was not looking forward to him staying home sick this weekend.  My mom was going to take him camping this weekend..guess that won't happen.

I made some potatoe soup yesterday...wasn't paying attention and it burned..darn it..had to throw some of it away but I did keep some.

Not much planned this weekend.  Heading to the new school location to check it out.  I have found another Christian School I like about 30min from the house.  Hubby wants to stay in Anthem which I understand but I told him to come tour it with me and he says he will.  I think when he tours the campus he will really like it.  A friend of mine sends her little girl there and has for the last 2 years..she loves it.

Food has been on point at around 1000 calories again yesterday...lets keep this trend this weekend..we all know how weekends get!

Have a fabulous weekend people!


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Boo for sick boys and missed camping trips!

Connie O said...

Great job on the elliptical--30 minutes is awesome considering you are just getting back into it!

Terrie said...

I hate the elliptical, go you!!

Hope the little man gets to feeling better.

Jen said...

Way to go on the elliptical!
I hope little dude feels better!
have a nice weekend!

JRD said...

you can do it through the weekend!! Good for you for being on with everything - that is AWESOME!! Sorry about your little boy - that sucks to be sick...have a great weekend!

Leigh C. said...

So sorry your little peanut is sick. I hate it when my little guy is ill. I have nervous stomach the entire time and fabricate horrible illnesses in my head even though he just has a head cold. Crazy much? Great job showing that elliptical who's boss!

Banded Strong said...

Sorry about your boy being sick....The flu has been circulating in our house. Great work out on the eliptical!